The Best New Amazon Releases: PlayStation VR Answers The Call For Adventure


The Xbox’s biggest third-person shooter, a historical open-world game, and Blu-rays featuring mutants, dead bodies, and brothers round out this week’s Amazon releases!

It’s time for another fun-tastic Laser Time week! We’ve got the even more insane conclusion to the weirdest fictional timelines, a monumental Fantasy Fight that collects all previous winners for one big blowout, and a proper kickoff to our run of horror commentaries with The Thing. On top of all that, we’ve got a pretty heavy slate of big games and movies fresh to Amazon this week! Don’t forget, pre-release and new physical games are 20% cheaper for Amazon Prime subscribers… with that in mind, let’s get to the games and movies!

Gears of War 4
Deja vu, huh? Last week, we listed all of the higher-priced special editions of Gears of War 4 that granted an early weekend of access on top of various digital and physical bonuses, as long as you were willing to pay $40 (or more) above the standard $60 price tag. Now we have the plebeian version for folks who wanna pay the regular price but can get the continuation of the Fenix family storyline as well as Gears’ addictive-as-heck multiplayer suite. And if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber who waited, Gears 4’s launch will be even cheaper as AP peeps save 20%!

WWE 2K17
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we like to play WWE 2K16 here at LT. Every week, we put the weirdest characters possible together in the ring for our Laser Time Fantasy Fights, but we also use the game to bouy our regular rasslin discussions for WWE Pay-Per-View predictions. This week, we’re getting a new grappling sim with a pretty exhaustive roster or present-day stars, though it excises the showcase mode that brought old-school talent into the fold. We’ve yet to test the updated career simulator that hopefully makes up for the lack of a historical mode, but you can bet we’ll be streaming (and talking about) WWE 2K17 before long. Anywho, if you want to get in on the rasslin fun, you’ll save 20% if you have Amazon Prime. It’s BargainMania!

PlayStation VR
This week is going to be a landmark one for virtual reality. Sure, tech like the Oculus Rift and Vive have been lauded by press and talked about extensively, but PlayStation VR represents the biggest opportunity for virtual reality to catch on with the mainstream. While you’re paying a pretty penny to add VR support to the already-substantial PS4 price tag, PSVR is going to be the cheapest way to get high-quality VR into households. We’ve already tested Battlezone VR on Laser Time and quite liked it, but you can expect further discussion of PSVR and its viability on Vidjagame Apocalypse all month!

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call
If you would have told me in 2015 that an action-comedy reboot starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy would be 2016’s most controversial movie, I would have looked at you like a ghost. But here we are; after months of online hatred and debates, the Ghostbusters reboot starring a quartet of today’s most famous comedic actresses is now on disc with a new name (and hope for home media to give it new life). I personally liked most of er, Answer the Call, save some awful product placement and underwhelming roles for Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Wiig. The story itself and most jokes elicited enough enjoyment, and I dug the procession of cameos. I’ll likely give this bonus-feature-laden Blu-ray a deeper look soon to learn more about one of 2016’s most important movies (for better and worse).

Adventure Time: Season 6
Though the show began as a “lol random jokes, this is so ALGEBRAIC and MATH” goofabout fit for a generation of kids raised online, it blossomed into a deep, thoughtful, lore-dense adventure. Season six kicks off with the introduction of Finn’s dad (voiced by News Radio’s JIMMY JAMES), and the first-time encounter basically scars Finn for 3-4 episodes – we’re talkin’ character development in a show about stretchy dogs and princesses made outta gum. The box set includes a featurette on an artsy, weirdo, guest-animated episode called “Food Chain” too, so if you dig experimental animation stuffs, consider that when examining season six for a purchase! And check out our playthrough of Adventure Time levels in LEGO Dimensions! – BRETT

The Thing: Collectors Edition
If it wasn’t for ET, The Thing would be my absolute favorite movie of 1982. Take a look at the year – Bladerunner, Poltergiest, Tron, 48 Hours, Rambo, Wrath of Kahn – and you’ll see that’s high praise. And as you’ve probably heard me reiterate on multiple occasions, I think ET is the best movie of that whole goddamned decade, so that distinction is damn near criminally unfair to John Carpenter, who easily crafted one the finest horror films ever, and possibly his entire career. That it’s a remake is utterly inconsequential; John Carpenter’s The Thing is one of those remakes that has completely eclipsed the original in every possible way. For one, it’s a fucking masterpiece of bloody, oozy practical effects. In addition to isolated arctic atmosphere, you have never seen a shapeshifting creature so mesmerizing and disgusting without a window into Jim Henson’s nightmares. Outside of a couple of 1982 computer screens, every single moment of The Thing holds up as if it were made just yesterday. Oh, and we should also mention this is yet another phenomenal release from Shout Factory, and this painstakingly remastered and packed to the gills with special features most studios don’t bother to make anymore. This two-disc set has multiple new commentaries, including one with Carpenter and his mulleted muse, Kurt Russell, as well as a full-length documentary’s worth of brand new behind-the-scenes features (seriously, this was a crazy shoot) and oodles of other stuff, both new and retained from other editions. Highly Recommends, and it will be this week’s Monday Night Movie, so there’s that too! – CHRIS
Glengarry Glen Ross

I’m hardly a David Mament fan, but damned if Glengary Glen Ross isn’t one of those manly ass movies I can watch over and over again. If you like your movies with no women whatsoever, this might be one of the finest casts ever assembled: Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, Jonathan Pryce, Kevin Spacey, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, and Alec Baldwin in literally the only non-comedic role I’ve ever liked him in. ALWAYS BE CLOSING, YOU FUCKING F-

Obviously, based on a play, this is an astounding tour de force of toxic masculinity, and I mean that as the highest compliment. A Blu-ray has been a long time coming for Glengarry, and even though the movie previously received a damn fine Special Edition, I can’t seem to see if any of the bonus features have been retained. Either way, it’s an higher resolution with a digital copy, and at under $10, a damn fine price.


Kingdom Hearts III
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 Legacy Edition
Dishonored 2: Limited Edition
Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition
Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack

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