Talking Simpsons – Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie


Bart finally gets punished and Homer makes it stick by forbidding him to see The Itchy & Scratchy film. This is an animation tour de force, which gives the hosts a chance to nerd out about old cartoons in this week’s podcast…



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15 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

  1. The end of this episode got me a little choked up. As did the discussion on the podcast about dads getting slower.

    At the beginning of September my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer that started in the liver and spread to pretty much everything. It was all very sudden and very fast. The Sunday after we found out about the liver mass we went out and continued a tradition that we’ve done since I was a little kid and saw the latest Star Trek movie together. The entire time I could tell he was in pain, but he wanted to go see the new Star Trek with me since that was a slice of normalcy in the middle of a shitty situation.

    It would be the last time we went to a movie together. We found out about the mass at the beginning of September and he was gone by the end of the month. So watching Bart and Homer seeing a movie together was a little more poignant this time around. Especially since, like the guys, I was about Bart’s age when the show started and I’m not close to Homer’s age with a kid of my own.

    Your dads might be slowing down, but enjoy them while they’re still around guys. It’s not going to last forever.

    1. That’s an awesome post. I’m sorry for your loss, I’m fighting back tears right now. I hope the time you had together will always be a warm thought and memory for the rest of your life because just from reading that I can tell your dad really loved you.

  2. Hey guys,
    I love hearing you guys talk about animation, and working in the animation industry and meeting so many people from around the world who have worked on some of the animation shows you love.
    would love to sit down and talk more about animation with you guys 😀 and give you some insight about the animation industry now and then. I’m shocked on how much you know about the industry, for not being in the animation industry. love the show and keep it up.

  3. Henry, there are so many reasons why Gary Johnson is an asshole and a joke, but whether he combs his hair or not isn’t one of them

  4. FYI a lot of the slave wage animation work is now done in Vietnam, as South Korea’s living standards/wages have risen since the 90’s. What will happen to our cartoons when we run out of slaves??
    (Just kidding; we’ll never run out of slaves)
    PS: Amazing World of Gumball RULES

    1. I know North Korea has a few animation studios as well and they take it a lot of outsource work from Japan, South Korea, the US and Western Europe and there always is controversy when people find out a company actually outsourced their work to North Korea. I like to imagine the North Korean animation studios more resemble what the Simpsons envisioned South Korea to be.

  5. The animation in this episode is fucking amazing, especially with Abe’s teeth. That screencap of Bart after he hammers the ketchup packets is probably one of my favourite stills of anything ever.

  6. There were so damn many lines to love in this episode. I’m tied between “He’s the boy you love to hate” and Bang Bang Bart. I’ve seen this episode probably 30-40 times in my life and I love how I will still learn something new from Talking Simpsons.

  7. Ugh, I hate to be one of those people but are Americans really that ignorant about anything outside their own country?

    South Korea was never communist, though it was ruled by a terrible dictator for about 20 years.

    Fun fact! This terrible person’s daughter is the current president of SK and is basically like another George Bush Jr. and seems to admire her father’s style of government.

    It didn’t actually become democratic until around 1989 or 1990 – right around the time the Simpsons started being produced, interestingly enough.

    The one *and only* good thing to come out of this despot’s rule is that he turned Korea’s formerly agricultural society into a manufacturing powerhouse, which is why all your toys and clothes were made in Korea in the 70s and 80s. It was pretty much the Mexico or SE Asia of its time because it was so cheap to produce stuff there.

    Here’s a wiki about President Park, the dictator.

    South Korea, now, is incredibly, incredibly modern. It has a high speed rail, similar to Japan’s shinkansen, called the KTX (Korea Transit Express) and you can basically cross the country in 3 hours.

    Their internet is amazingly fast, with no data caps and they don’t really seem to care about piracy so I can keep up on current TV quite well.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I knew something political happened in the late ’80s/early ’90s to cause lots of animation outsourcing to change from Japan to South Korea.

  8. So if Donald Trump actually wins the Presidency, will Talking Simpsons suddenly become a spoken word podcast of your left wing political views titled “These Simpsons Things I Believe”?

    I also remember the days of when trailers for movies would just drop out of nowhere. My local movie theater had a weird thing where they would air previews/trailers after the movie as well when everyone was already out of the theater (maybe they wanted to go back to the origin of the word trailers) and once when I was 10 my parents both needed to use the restroom at the same time so they told me to sit alone in the theater until they came back just so they both would know where I was. So I sat there in the darkness as the credits ended and all of a sudden the teaser trailer for Beavis and Butthead the movie came on (it was such an early trailer it was literally just the Beavis and Butthead title card with their profiles and underneath it said THE MOVIE as they both laughed) and my parents literally didn’t believe me when I said they aired the B&B movie trailer after they left (as they were fans of the show too) I think it was another year before the movie actually came to theaters.

    1. Hey pal, when have they expressed “left-wing political views”? You’re implying they did that during this episode? When??

      1. Both Bob and Chris have joked in the past about them going on too many left-wing tangents for no particular reason, I mean almost every episode since “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish” has had Donald Trump’s name brought up for no real reason and this episode has the trifecta of making a joke about George Bush, George W Bush, and Donald Trump. I like Bob because on both this and Retronauts he does always make an aside whenever he does political talk about how out of place it is.

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