Illbleed – Minesweeper meets Creepypasta for Sega Dreamcast!


Bloody, bizarre and uniquely campy, Ilbleed is one of the Dreamcast’s most exclusive oddities. Join us as we poke around this obscure comedy-horror relic from Sega’s final console.  Today at 3PM (6PM Pacific)

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4 thoughts on “Illbleed – Minesweeper meets Creepypasta for Sega Dreamcast!

  1. Lasertime’s Shit with FEAR Show!

    (“You will sh*t with fear!” was an actual tagline used in commercials for this game)

  2. When I bought my Dreamcast (used) this game was inside it. The previous owner left it in there by mistake. I’ve never really played it. Looks kind of interesting. Guess I’ll give it a shot.

  3. Illbleed (and it’s spiritual predecessor Blue Stinger) are unironically some of the most entertaining video games ever made. They’re basically what “Deadly Premonition” was except a decade earlier, bizarre Japanese love-letters to American media. Illbleed can’t decide if it wants to be a straight horror game or a meta parody of one which makes it all so much better. If you are willing to watch a full LP check out supergreatfriend’s amazing full LP of Illbleed on youtube since it’s incredibly informative and shows off all the weird and funny bits of the game. Also GameInformer did a hilarious LP of both Blue Stinger and Illbleed and both feature Dan Ryckert (friend of the show). If you had to watch one watch supergreatfriend since he shows off every single scare in the game (which you’ll miss if you actually play well) but GameInformer has four people all experience the wonderful weirdness of both games at once which is also great.

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