SNL Reboots itself, Mr Bones skulks with Killface and Batman fights Wolverine in The Prestige – Oct 14-20


This week in 86 featured a huge shift for Saturday Night Live, including the debut of both the Church Lady and Choppin’ Broccoli. 1996 brought us Spike Lee’s Get on the Bus and Saturn-exclusive Mr Bones, while 2006 found Christopher Nolan’s Prestige debuting alongside Frisky Dingo.

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The Color of Money and Shadows in Paradise release in theaters

-Technically from last week but important to mention: 12th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Sigourney Weaver, first episode for Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, Victoria Jackson and Jan Hooks. Dana Carvey performed as the Church Lady and sang “Choppin Broccoli” in his first episode. Tina Turner was  the advertised musical guest, but backed out at the last minute, so Buster Poindexter performed instead. SPEAKING of musicians, the season opened with Madonna reading a statement that the previous season “was all a dream” a la Dallas.

On Mr. Belvedere, Bob Ueker’s character has a near death experience and quits doing baseball commentary to fulfill his dream of becoming a lounge singer, and gets tips from a pro

-The Sega Master System released around this time. Launched in late September at about $200 (which is closer to $400 today), technically superior to the NES but never caught on in the US. Sega passed ownership around, distribution problems, Nintendo’s stranglehold on third party development etc all contributing factors. But in EU, distribution was eventually sorted out and NOE was nowhere near as effective as NOA so the SMS and then the Mega Drive really took off. Wonder Boy, Phantasy Star, 8-bit version of Sonic, Alex Kidd

-New Billy Idol (Whiplash Smile), Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Liverpool) and Wang Chung (Mosaic)



Korn’s “Life is Peachy” released this week, including ADIDAS.

Recovering the Satellites – Counting Crows second album, Long December
-Overnight Sensation – Motorhead

Get on the Bus and Sleepers release in theaters

Jim Varney’s first appearance on Roseanne as a Prince who falls in love with Jackie

Waynehead premieres on Kids WB. From Wikipedia, “It is about a young boy named Damien “Damey” Wayne from a poor background with a club foot and was based on Wayans’ own childhood in the Chelsea neighborhood in the New York City Borough of Manhattan.” Damon Wayans doesn’t actually do any voices, but Shawn, Marlon, and Kim Wayans do! It only lasted one season and 13 episodes

Trio of TV movies on 10/20/96 – Danielle Steele’s “The Ring”,  Blue Rodeo, where A deaf teen (Corbin Allred) who blames his mother (Ann-Margret) for his disability distrusts her new boyfriend (Kris Kristofferson), and Talk To Me, about a manipulative TV producer played by Yasmine Bleeth who exploits a young prostitute’s story for ratings. The prostitute was played by Jenny Lewis.

Marathon Infinity – last of Bungie’s “Marathon” Mac series. 2005 Bungie released the game for free and in 2011 released the source code

Mr Bones – By playing a special set of drums powered by science and alchemy, he is able to tap into a primal power which he calls “skeletal magnetism” (or “skeletism”) and summon the dead from their graves as his skeletal soldiers.

-This Fire – Paula Cole, Where Have All The Cowboys Gone



Twisted Christmas – Twisted Sister christmas album, oh come all ye faithful as we’re not gonna take it
Wintersong – Christmas album from Sarah McLaghlan
The Best of What’s Around – Dave Matthews Band greatest hits
Devil’s Got a New Disguise – Aerosmith greatest hits album
Greatest Hits – Li’l Romeo!
They Can’t All be Zingers – Primus greatest hits!!
Black Aria II – Glen Danzig
Press Play – Diddy’s first album as “P Diddy” about 700k in the US

Missed last week 10/11/06- Cory Lidle, a pitcher for the New York Yankees accidentally crashes his single-engine plane into an NYC apartment building, killing Lidle, his instructor, and putting NY into a minor panic due to 9/11 similarities

-Flags of Our Fathers, Flicka, The Prestige all release in theaters

NBC announces major changes due to their plummeting ratings to fourth amongst networks. On top of job cuts and closures, NBC also declared that it would not air scripted programming from 8-9PM, instead leaning on reality shows and game shows to anchor their first hour.

Comedy Central airs the first-ever Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Event for Autism Education

The second season finale of Flavor of Love airs, and Flava Flav did not find love. Tiffany “New York” Pollard finished in second place like she did in season 1, which led to her returning her own “finding love” show, I Love New York.

3rd VH1 Hip Hop Honors aired on October 17, 2006 with host Ice-T. Honorees were Afrika Bambaataa, Beastie Boys, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, MC Lyte, Rakim, Russell Simmons, Wu-Tang Clan

-Final regular episode of Extras (there would be an Xmas special). Andy (Ricky Gervais) is asked to visit a cancer-stricken child at the hospital, but it conflicts with a rare opportunity to meet Robert De Niro. Because it’s the finale of a show about an asshole, he makes the choice to do good and visits the sick boy instead. There’s a great runner the whole episode about a pornographic pen

-Battlefield 2142, Bully and Justice League release, along with Contact for DS







16 thoughts on “SNL Reboots itself, Mr Bones skulks with Killface and Batman fights Wolverine in The Prestige – Oct 14-20

  1. I can’t find anything about Danitra Vance dying of AIDS or HIV, all I can find is she died of cancer. I don’t know if anyone from SNL died of anything AIDS related.

  2. I’m going to steal the fuck out of Chris’ comment on how “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima” are Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Greatest Generation. Slayed me.

  3. One of the exceptional things about Homicide: Life on the Street is that it is not nearly as self contained, episode to episode, as something like Law & Order is. The Prison Riot episode might be the best single example of that, because while investigating the deaths that occurred during the riot, the detectives interview, as witnesses, several killers from past episodes of the show.

  4. One correction to make- Abbas Kiarostami is NOT still alive. (Like Diana said at the beginning) Otherwise good shit

  5. Splinter Cell: Double Agent is in fact the fourth game, with the shaved head for extra edge. It’s big thing, moving on from Chaos Theory was to remove the HUD and integrate stealth monitors into the game to make it more immersive, and to have missions in the daylight. This doesn’t sound revolutionary by any means, especially after its predecessor, but it still refined the awesome gameplay mechanics further, and was an early indication of what the Xbox 360 could do graphically. Plus, it was sure better than Conviction.

  6. My favorite animated Superman episode, hands down: The Main Man (the 2-parter with Lobo and the Preserver). It’s so good that it crowds out most of my other memories of the show.

  7. A little bonus I just came across:
    Apparently Walt Disney’s last official visit to Disneyland was fifty years ago on October 14.

  8. I listened to it but now I can’t remember the movies from Diane’s Classic Corner – what’s the time index for that so I can get back to it? Thanks!

  9. I remember when I saw, “The Prestige” in theaters with my homeboy, and almost cracking the fuck up at the end of the Tesla scene when they show all the duplicated hats, ’cause it reminded me of a glitch you could do in Super Mario 64 where you could clone Mario’s hat in that winter level…

  10. I really love The Prestige, I think it’s Nolan’s best movie. And to begin with I thought it was his WORST movie– I hated that Hugh Jackman’s character came up with a legitimately magical way of doing the trick that Christian Bale’s character(s) did by extensive deceit. But the more I watched the movie, the more I realized that the mechanics of the magic tricks are entirely secondary: the whole movie is about obsession and what it does to you. Jackman was SO obsessed with figuring out how Bale did his trick that he created something almost supernatural, and horrifying, in the process. Not to gloss over, of course, how Bale’s non-supernatural method was still just as horrifying. And invoking Tesla to sort of handwave the impossibility of Jackman’s solution was genius because it touched upon the famous rivalry with Edison, and how those two men were obsessed with each other and engaged in some awful sabotage with one another.

    I just think it’s an incredibly well constructed movie. Nolan is a very populist choice for a favorite contemporary director, with his fans tending to overlook deep flaws in even his greatest movies. But I think The Prestige is the closest he has come so far in achieving his potential as a filmmaker. Movies like The Dark Knight and Inception are more ambitious and maybe accomplish more, but thematically get muddled and bogged down. But The Prestige is like a perfect Christopher Nolan film. I really hope he gets back to that at some point, because I think his career has taken a David Fincher-esque turn where he can get whatever budget he wants and whatever actors he wants, with no one with enough clout to call him out on his own narcissism. And his more recent films have suffered as a result.

    (Speaking of David Fincher, I can repeat just about everything I just said about The Prestige for Zodiac– easily my favorite Fincher film.)

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