Kingdom Hearts – Maleficent Mayhem


Half boss fights, half cutscenes, strap in for an extra-long look at one quarter of the ending of Kingdom Hearts!

Not since our adventures in Wonderland have we inadvertently created a montage to absolute failure. These are the final areas in the game, and since we’re barely paying attention to anything, I believe we were about 10 levels below what the FAQs recommend for encountering Maleficent and Riku. What you’re about to see is over three hours of footage condensed into something hopefully, allegedly, watchable, with a lot of pointless offscreen leveling. I’m sure someone will point out how this is my fault and not the archaic game design, but I don’t really care and I just really want this to be over. THIS GAME NEVER ENDS!

Have you ever wanted to visit/revisit an ancient and beloved game but you didn’t wanna do it alone?! Well, we can’t help you. But you can join Chris and Elston as they journey through the HD Remix of Kingdom Hearts in Laser Time’s first ever long play series every Sunday. Will our intrepid heroes make it all the way through the entire game? We hope not, but let’s see how this stupid little adventure through Square/Disney fandom goes, huh?!

One thought on “Kingdom Hearts – Maleficent Mayhem

  1. I don’t post much (if at all) but I want you guys to know I super appreciate this kind of content, I think it’s perfect for you guys. Sure KH does drag on for a bit but the commentary you guys provide is what keeps me watching. I’m looking forward to more long-plays, here’s hoping Brett does a soulsborne game!

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