NES Classic Edition – All 30 Games Reviewed & Discussed


Eager to pick up an NES Classic Edition? All 30 of the included games are great in their own way, but do they ALL really hold up to scrutiny? Let’s take a look!

While I haven’t had a hands-on experience with the unit in question, I’ve certainly spent countless hours playing all the games that come bundled inside. The lineup is quite formidable, loaded with exemplary titles spanning 1985 to 1993, from Balloon Fight and Mario Bros to Startropics and Kirby’s Adventure. Plus you’re getting seminal hits like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Kid Icarus!

Third parties are well represented too – the original Final Fantasy is one surprising entry, and you’ll also tackle Tecmo Bowl, Mega Man 2 and the first two Castlevanias!

Even though I have most of these carts and *AHEM* have other means to play them even if all the carts vanished, I still love the fact that this thing exists and offers up some of my favorite childhood memories to a (fingers crossed) new audience. Plus yeah, I’m sure a bunch of 30-somethings will pick it up too.

Assuming, of course, it ever goes up for pre-order! It’s 10/15 as of this posting and the durn thing is out in less than a month & it’s still radio silence from Nintendo. Whaddya wanna bet these things are next to impossible to find this holiday, then everyone in January & February?

5 thoughts on “NES Classic Edition – All 30 Games Reviewed & Discussed

  1. I just want to say, as a guy who has been here since the beginning, these videos you guys do are probably my favorite pieces of content you put out. The Castlevania timeline, the Lego Dimension vid, this one etc. are all so distinct and unique compared to the usual Youtube nonsense I find myself watching. I have nothing else to really say except I look forward to each one and thanks for doing them.

  2. I would preorder one of these using the handy amazon links of the right of the screen but I CAN’T PREORDER IT FROM AMAZON YET EVEN THOUGHT IT COMES OUT IN THREE WEEKS! Amazon!!!!

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