Fantasy Fights – Season 2 Trailer


WWE 2K17 is here, which means we’ve got an all-new season of our almost semi-popular Sunday feature FANTASY FIGHTS…

Haven’t been watching our weekly Fantasy Fights trailer? Well, you’re not alone. Hell, you’re in the majority! But hopefully this trailer can change your mind because we ain’t stopping! It’s just too much fun. SCOPE DIS:

Again, we post one of these every Sunday. Tune in here, peep the Fantasy Fights playlist for the backlog, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Fights – Season 2 Trailer

  1. I’ve already seen all of these to completion and this trailer made me want to watch them all again. At this point I’ve watched more Fantasy Fights than real wrestling so take responsibility and feed my addiction that you created.

    I also want to give Dave the credit he deserves for organizing these fights and doing his best to have whoever he is controlling not just run away with every match, and for picking the entrants that we can all laugh at together (and thanks to the people who made them).

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