Laser Time – Horror By The Numbers


Who has the most kills in a horror franchise? What’s the most profitable horror movie? What was the FIRST horror movie? We break down the stats and have spooky fun along the way!


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17 thoughts on “Laser Time – Horror By The Numbers

  1. I will never get tired of hearing Universal Monster talk chris, I was at walmart the other week and saw they have special glow in the dark dvd cases of the universal monsters, the 80s slashers and Werewolf of London that looked really cool.

    Also really enjoyed the Imagine Dragons “monster” outro.

  2. I do wanna point out the 2010 Wolfman was dumped out on Valentines Day a bad time for a werewolf horror movie.
    Also my intro to the wonderful Emily Blunt.

    Also The Mummy for next year is female, the actress from Kingsman, and Tom Cruise starring.

  3. Btw guys, Exorcist III with George C. Scott is actually really good – especially if you can find the Legion Cut online with extra footage. It’s kind of a director’s cut. Either way, it’s a fun movie that seems to have been forgotten to time.

    Brett, if you’re looking for a horror series to do a run through of, then I would suggest Phantasm.

    It’s one you guys didn’t talk about today, but it’s great. Full of creepy imagery, interesting ideas, some pretty funny humour….the one thing you can at least say about the Phantasm movies is they aren’t boring, even if they aren’t perfect.

    Now’s the perfect time because Phantasm 5 just came out a couple of weeks ago. Totally worth your time!

    1. Exorcist III is actually my favorite of the bunch. Yes, I know that’s heresy to say if you are a horror fan but there it is. Apparently, the ending was supposed to be quite different.


      Blatty originally wanted Kinderman (Scott) to walk into the cell after he is convinced and shoot The Gemini Killer. No exorcism scene. The studio thought they needed a exorcism cene since it was called The Exorcist. I really wish this cut existed since the actual exorcism scene is the weakest thing in the movie.

  4. Man, listening to this week’s episode made me realize something.

    The Brendan Fraser Mummy movie franchise would have been 10x better if, instead of making two more shitty movies about mummies, if they had made movies where Brendan Fraser’s character fought Dracula, The Wolfman and Frankenstein’s Monster instead.

  5. Chris – if you’re looking for another good modern horror movie after IT FOLLOWS, I’d highly recommend DON’T BREATHE from this past summer.

  6. *Puts on nerdlinger glasses and talks in a nasally voice

    Well actually, Myers was in the third Halloween. He showed up in a commercial for the original Halloween movie in the background of the third so technically, he is in it. (Not correcting out of anger, just a fun fact)

    TOTALLY excited for this episode guys. I’m only about ten minutes in but I’m loving every minute of it. And before it’s spoiled, I’m going with The Invisible Man as the highest body count. I love that movie to death. I believe he racks up around 121 killings. In one freakin movie. People are always surprised when I drop that bombshell on them. Would love to leave more comments about how I love these episodes but I’ve got to go and finish it!

  7. Does Death in Final Destination count? I never read them but apparently there’s a novel that reveals death is actual some ancient Mayan death god or something and basically every single death in the series (including the initial ones that the protagonists avoid) are all part of his sick game.

    1. I definitely enjoy them being discussed. Going back to them is always interesting, for better or worse. I wish they were still part of people’s regular rotation in the Halloween season. (My particular favourites so far are Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein)

  8. Would we classify Tremors as horror? I mean I know there’s comedic elements but that was scary as shit first time I watched it!

  9. (I know this is a late comment, I’m just catching up on podcasts) but the bit where Chris fucked Brett to give him a hypothetical ghost STD freaking killed me, and I’m trying really hard not to laugh at work.

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