Monday Night Movie – Shaun of the Dead


The first episode of the delightful Cornetto Trilogy, and one of the finest horror comedies of recent memory, SHAUN OF THE DEAD is tonight’s Monday Night Movie screening, today at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern)

You know how this works: Grab a copy of the movie (via Amazon if you’d like to help us out), be here at 6PM Pacific, sync up with us then laugh along with us like it’s 2004!

STREAM OVA! Peep your Pateon’s and Bandcamps for Audio/Video downloads.

Following the live show, the commentary will then be accessible at no extra charge for Laser Time Patrons or a la carte via Laser Time’s Bandcamp. Thanks so much for your support!

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie – Shaun of the Dead

  1. I really enjoy this movie but haven’t seen it in years so this should be a great way to revisit it. I’d have to say of the Trilogy, Hot Fuzz is probably the my favorite, and one of my all time favorite movies. World’s End was great but I’ve only seen it once and going by my memory it’s a slower burn like Shaun of the Dead, compared to the heat of Hot Fuzz.

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