The Best New Amazon Releases: Independence Day on the Battlefield


Hot new war-sim releases and top license-based collections join the year’s biggest sci-fi movie and some horror-themed Blu-rays with this week’s Amazon round-up!

Hey, it’s time for another week full of spoopy Laser Time content! We’ve got a stat-tastic episode of Laser Time: Horror By The Numbers, where we mix fun audio clips with neat trivia about your favorite horror icons. We’ve also just recently put up videos celebrating our first season of Laser Time’s Fantasy Fights and Brett Elston‘s in-depth look at the NES Classic. With all that we’ve got in store this week, the game and movie industry isn’t slouching either, with two major game releases as well as a big budget blockbuster on Blu. Remember, if you’ve got Amazon Prime, you’ll save 20% on any new physical game release! Neat, huh?! Anywho, let’s dispense with the chit chat and talk movies n games!

Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition
Yes, we’ve got YET ANOTHER game that’s releasing early for gamers willing to open their wallet just a bit wider than Jim and Jane Plain Consumer. Granted, The Early Enlister Deluxe Edition does grant two DLC drops featuring themed weapons and vehicles, on top of the in-game perk battlepacks, but $20  might seem a bit steep for a few weekdays of exclusivity. However, DICE has made some gorgeous shooters this generation (I’m still drooling over Star Wars Battlefront), and Battlefield 1 looks to make dubya dubya one look pretty dang stunning too. A classic campaign and Battlefield’s tried-and-true massive online battles should be fun to try, whether you’re doing it on Tuesday or Friday. . If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll reign supreme with a 20% discount on the battlefield of savings!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
Lest PC gamers somehow become jealous that the PS4 and Xbox One got an XCOM 2 on console that works with standard controllers (though without sweet sweet mods), home computers have a huge strategy game all their own. Sid Meier brought Civ back in a big way this decade with Civ 5, and you can bet that Civ 6 will continue the tradition of mixing gorgeous classic locales with brain-busting strategy. Since the measure of a proper civilization is good commerce, you’d do right by this game’s world leaders by saving 20% off Civ 6 via Amazon Prime!

Batman: Return to Arkham
If you’re looking to relive the two best Batman games ever and don’t have access to a high-end PC, Batman: Return to Arkham is worth investigating. While you can get both of Rocksteady’s last-gen Batman games for a song on previous-gen consoles and PC, the better resolution and higher framerate that come with these collections make it enticing package for slightly less than the price of a new game. If you’ve somehow never played either game and don’t have the PC power to play it that way, this is a pretty decent way to experience the best Batman ever outside of the Nolan-verse. It would have been nice to get Arkham Origins or possibly the also-super-discounted Arkham Knight, but $50 (and less for Amazon Prime members) is nothing to scoff at. This collection can also mark a Return to Savings if you’re on Amazon Prime, as you’ll save 20% with that subscription. Same bat savings, same bat online retailer.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection
I know, we’ve been discussing Lego games to death here at Laser Time, but you can’t deny that TT Games has become one of the most reliable developers of licensed games. Outside of the IP orgy that is Lego Dimensions, they can also re-tell almost any classic movie franchise with the greatest of ease. Heck, they even did a decent Jurassic Park franchise collection. However, if there’s one franchise that can delight modern child and adult alike, it’s Harry Potter, which works better than most IP when it comes to the Lego engine. All of those flying blocks make a lot more sense when magic is put into the equation, and the cast of wizard kids are fun to re-discover in brick form. And now you can get both last-gen Lego Harry Potter games to relive the Boy Who Lived’s saga for a decent price if you want to give it a whirl on PlayStation 4. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll save 20% of this wizard-tastic collection, which is a pretty cool magic trick!

Independence Day Resurgence
Wow, there WAS a new Independence Day movie this year?! And I actually went to see it! Despite 20th Century Fox’s blatant attempts to revive Independence Day into its own franchise (sans megastar Will Smith), IDR only made about half of what the original did some two decades ago, and didn’t garner much international support, even when taking into account that it’s named after an American holiday. The movie itself is decent popcorn action-sci-fi, but the fact that I’m straining to remember details three months after releases is damning of the film (and my alcohol-ridden brain). What was I talking about again? Oh, yeah, IDR is now on Blu-ray and if you want more info on this action flick, this disc will do the trick!

Child’s Play [Collector’s Edition]
Sorry Jack, Chucky’s back… on Blu-ray! We’ve been talking about good ol’ Charles Lee Ray quite a bit lately, as he’s been a multi-time competitor in Laser Time’s Fantasy Fights, plus he’s discussed quite thoroughly during this week’s Laser Time podcast chat about horror’s more killingest movie villians. Will all that in mind, my constantly-wavering opinion about which flick to put in next week’s Patron’s choice Monday Night Movie has been focused on the original exploits of The Good Guy Doll himself, Chucky. Before he got stitch-faced and fucked a lady puppet, Chucky was just a disturbing mix between a Cabbage Patch Kid and a rabid child. Fortunately, Shout Factory shares my love of this concept and has put together a pretty thorough package celebrating the horror classic on Blu-ray. Hi-dee-ho-ha-ha-ha!

Ghost Rider Collection
Well, look. It’s only $10 for two movies, which is a pretty good deal regardless of WHICH two movies are on the disc. The 2007 original is guilty of being both boring AND Cage-y as all getout, while Spirit of Vengeance only manages to nail the GR feel for fleeting moments. However, the latter is certainly not boring, as it’s from Crank dudes Neveldine/Taylor – that means lots of dynamic camerawork and plenty of WTF moments that prevent the film from dragging. Is it good? Hard to say… it’s not garbage, and for $10 I’d argue it’s worth a look. Plus you get the 07 movie for Bad Movie Night fodder. BRETT


Kingdom Hearts III
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 Legacy Edition
Dishonored 2: Limited Edition
Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition
Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack
Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2
Dead Rising 4
The Last Guardian
Yakuza 0

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