Talking Simpsons – Marge Gets A Job


As the title suggests, Marge starts working at the power plant to Homer’s chagrin, Bart cries wolf, and most importantly, there’s a very indulgent Citizen Kane reference, all in this week’s podcast…


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Marge Gets A Job

  1. I love this episode. Troy McClure’s brief role is hilarious, the animation is crazy, and I love the ridiculousness of Bart’s B plot.

  2. Astronaut Homer might be might favorite episode of the series, and the idea that a lot of the shows creators think it ruined the show wounds me.

  3. @2:15 – Oakley and Weinstein were the showrunners for Seasons 7 and 8, not 6 and 7.

    I know you guys know your stuff and the above was just an innocuous speaking error. I correct for the benefit of anyone who reads this comment and doesn’t know their tenure by heart.

  4. one of my biggest twitter achievements was getting the man himself big al jean to reply to a comment. He tweeted saying that there’s going to be a movie based on mad magazine and asked who would play him. I replied by suggesting seth rogan, he replied, nah seth is cooler than me. I geeked out for a while.

  5. Had the same experience as Wow, Bob Mackey when I was 18 and watched Citizen Kane. So many jokes and references clicked. Really loved the episode but I have to strongly disagree with the Smithers in a bathroom scene. Seems like it would be a little too mean spirited and I have to go with Bob’s suggestion that he is just making the best of a bad situation. If I may offer a zany theory, maybe he even researched Marge (he has proven he is capable of malice in the hair tonic episode) and he knew that it was only a matter of time before she was terminated or before Homer got her fired.

  6. Chris on Jimmy Carter: “He’s technically the best President we’ve ever had if you were a bleeding-heart lefty.”

    Uh, no. As an ardent liberal, I have him battling with Andrew Jackson for the bottom spot in the ole Presidential power rankings. He did literally nothing of value as a President and flexed his complete incompetence in the two most important policy areas, economics and international relations. Y’all also say that no one under 30 is allowed to hate him… Hate is a strong word, but I’m 22. Very good person, terribad President.

    1. Same, I heard that but wasn’t surprised that people automatically think Jimmy Carter was the greatest President ever simply because he lost to Reagan. His foreign policy was retched in the “Reagan/W Bush” style. Among other things everything he did with Iran was a gigantic mess, taking the deposed Shah in had absolutely no benefit to the United States and could do nothing but hurt the United States big time (which it did) which is why people consider him directly responsible for the Iranian Embassy crisis. His military solution to it was the most insanely complicated plan that thankfully failed at Step One, otherwise it would have involved all the hostages, all US ground forces involved and thousands of Iranians dead at best and made Black Hawk Down look like the Osama Bin Laden raid in terms of effectiveness. He gave military aid to the Afghan Mujahadeen six months before the Soviets actually invaded Afghanistan leading to another mess we’d have to fix decades later. He knowingly sold weapons to Indonesia despite also knowing they were committing genocide in East Timor. He supported giving weapons to Pol Pot and everyone knows how that turned out. Everything you hate about current American foreign policy was exemplified by him, and his worst sin in my book was he was the reason why Saudi Arabia has such control over American foreign policy. When the House of Saud was facing a rebellion in 1979 he made numerous steps to support the Saudis including massive military and economic aid when they then used to bloodily put down the rebellion and also made up uncomfortable bedfellows with them.

      This article has a short summary on why he’s one of the Top 5 Worst Foreign Policy Presidents

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