Logan trailer arrives, snikt-ing into theaters March 3


The Wolverilogy concludes in 2017, marking seventeen years of Hugh Jackman as the be-clawed Logan. Let’s take a peep at this first trailer, shall we?

If the 2009 movie was a pile of crunchwrap supremes falling off someone’s tray onto the floor below, creating a pile of nebulous ingredients and ice cold garbage lettuce, then 2013’s The Wolverine was a reasonably prepared Mexican Pizza, loaded with plenty of toppings and fills you up nicely. Based on this paced, thoughtful trailer, that makes Logan, perhaps, an actual burrito from a taqueria.

What I’m slowly and unhelpfully trying to convey is that Logan APPEARS to be a satisfying look at the character that both wraps up Jackman’s role and possibly passed the Wolverine mantle off to X-23.


We also learn mutants are nearly done-zo, Xavier is alive but barely hanging on and the Reavers / Transigen folks are clearly out for a new living weapon. Given the craziness of the main X-Movies, it’s pretty nice to see something so “low-ish stakes” and zoomed in a bit more on a duo or trio of heroes instead of a massive team.

I mostly enjoyed The Wolverine so I can’t imagine not liking this more!

8 thoughts on “Logan trailer arrives, snikt-ing into theaters March 3

  1. I’m really digging this trailer, I just hope the film delivers. The trailer at the very least was put together extremely well. I will be sad to see Jackman leave the roll but I do hope this ends up being a proper send-off.

    Unfortunately with the serious tone they seem to be going for I don’t think we’ll be seeing Deadpool pop up in this movie 🙁

  2. I’ve really fallen out of love with the X-Men films (at least Singer’s version of them), BUT I did enjoy THE WOLVERINE a lot and this trailer was hype, so I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

  3. Brett, that mexican food analogy….italian kissy face x17. Yeah, this looks really good. I’m a little bummed they can’t FULLY get into the Old Man Logan storyline with the Hillbilly Hulks, but this should still be pretty good. Heck, just let Mangold keep making Wolverine movies outside of the rest of the X-Men movies. He’s doing good.

  4. If this really is Hugh Jackman’s last harrrah, I kind of wish they could have done some kind of bookend with Rogue, as their relationship was so important to the first movie, but I realize that probably couldn’t work with this, apparently, big time jump. The trailer makes it looks like the entire movie is set in his desert outpost, though.

    When this is all over, I hope we all can appreciate just how good we had it. Hugh Jackman has been so much better than almost any of these movies deserve. I really feel that except for X2 and maybe First Class, that every movie in this series is just “pretty good.” He has elevated every movie he has appeared in into something greater than it would have been with anyone else playing his part.

  5. I’m still confused as hell by this timeline.

    From the description from Fox, this will take place after the future we were left with at the end of DofP. But what is the point of introducing a new mutant (x-23) if this is set farrrrrr in the future where everyone but Logan and Professor are dead? Surely they’d have to time travel (ugh) x-23 back to the relevant timeline after ‘Apocalypse’ to incorporate her into the main story?

    Ffs, should have just rebooted the damn thing after X3.

    1. It’s really not hard to understand :/

      This movie takes place in the X 1-3 timeline. It specifically takes place in the altered future thanks to Mystique’s intervention.
      The last X-Men movie took place in the altered timeline. This timeline is completely new. It’s how mutants that arrived or lived later in “life” are now encountered earlier- they’re not the same people anymore.

      Instead of a stable loop, the movie series instead went with the theory of parallel but different time lines.

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