Quiplash 2 – The Beginning


For those not versed in the ways of Jackbox, Quiplash was the latest and greatest tool for being rewarded for saying horrible things in polite company from the makers of You Don’t Know Jack. This week it got a sequel, Quiplash 2, and we all became monsters…

We love Quiplash and you should 2! Okay, that pun could use some work, but it’s very much in the spirit of Quiplash 2, which asks EVERYONE watching to chime in as fast as possible on a potentially horrific comedy/party game. No, this is not a game you watch us play, this is a game you play LIVE with us, and even get to sway the outcome. Please don’t make me explain it, just watch the video.

We’ve been known to thrown on a Quiplash stream with little to no warning, so we encourage you to follow us on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. You really don’t want to miss out on your next chance to play – YOU DO NOT NEED THE GAME TO PLAY, JUST AN INTERNET-CONNECTED DEVICE. Like the thing you’re reading this on for free right now! (Please consider becoming a Patron.) We love Quiplash and you should too. It’s the cheapest, purest kind of fun you’ll ever have¬†on a console, and the best party game period. You don’t need extra controllers, and the game can even be played on Amazon Fire sticks so you have no excuse.

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