Swift & Winehouse, Kang & Kodos and 50 Years of the Great Pumpkin – Oct 21-27


After the Mets lose Game 6, we move into 1996 for Thinner, Millennium’s debut and one of the best Treehouse of Horror specials to date. This week in 2006 brought us debut albums from Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse, while It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown turns 50.

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Other topics covered include:


-The 50th Anniversary of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”


Trick or Treat and Soul Man release in theaters

The Curse of the Bambino strikes! Game 6 of the World Series – Boston Red Sox v. NY Mets. The Red Sox lead the series and haven’t won a pennant in 68 years. The Mets are down by 2 with 2 outs and nobody on in the bottom of the 10th, one out away from losing. At this point, the words “Congratulations Boston Red Sox, 1986 World Champions” briefly flashed on the scoreboard. The Mets managed three straight hits to score a run before Mookie Wilson came to bat. Down to his last strike, Mookie avoided a wild pitch that got away from the catcher and scored the tying run.

Mookie Wilson hits a ground ball straight at first baseman Bill Buckner who misses it, letting it roll between his legs, and the Mets win. Two days later, the Mets win game 7 and the championship. Buckner received death threats and was dropped from the team less than a year later.

Happy ending: The Red Sox would finally win the World Series 18 years later. Buckner returned to throw out the first pitch after the Red Sox 2007 World Series win and received a 4-minute standing ovation.

On ABC, “Easy Prey” aired, based on the IRL serial killer Christopher Wilder, who would abduct young women from malls and would drive states away before raping and then killing them. In the role of that killer is Major Dad/Simon from Simon & Simon, Gerald McRaney

Polka Party – Weird Al’s fourth album, kind of a disappointment, Living with a Hernia / Living in America
Blah Blah Blah – Iggy Pop / Bowie collab
#1 song is True Colors, Cyndi Lauper’s second album which was released in September



Van Halen best of, incl Humans Being from Twister in May, has Jump, Panama, Why Can’t This Be Love etc
Dance into the Light – Phil Collins’ first truly solo album, no huge hits but don’t worry, Tarzan is three years away
Trial by Fire – Journey’s 10th album, incl When You Love A Woman
Macarena has been #1 since August and will remain until November

-Thinner, High School High and The Associate debut in theaters

Debut of Millennium – Fox’s attempt to capitalize on X-Files’ success with another lore-laden sci-fi show. It starred Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, an FBI agent with the ability to read minds of killers, who worked for (but was wary of) the Millennium Group. It lasted three seasons and would have the opposite of a backdoor pilot, as the finale was an episode of X-Files in 1999.

Debut of Pop Up Video on VH1! As we’ve discussed before, music is in a weird place in 96; post grunge, pre boy band, so PUV made pretty much any kind of music video watchable due to trivia that would pop up during music videos. Kind of like a smarter and quieter version of Beavis and Butt-head’s MTV commentary.

8th season premiere of The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror 7 – “The Thing & I” (Hugo), “Genesis Tub” (Tooth Town), and “Citizen Kang” (Clinton/Gore). HOWEVER, the better Halloween episode this week might be the Family Matters episode “Stevil,” which has this description on Wikipedia: “A ventriloquist’s dummy, which looks exactly like Urkel, comes to life and terrorizes the Winslows, and Steve must stop it.”



Taylor Swift – debut album, writing credit for it all at age 16, would sell 6 million, Our Song
The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance concept album, rock opera about someone’s death and journey through the afterlife
Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams and Amy Winehouse’s second album Back to Black.

CBGBs closed. From wikipedia: Patti Smith, helped on some songs by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Television’s Richard Lloyd, too, played in a few, including “Marquee Moon”. Nearly finished, Smith and band playing “Gloria” alternated the chorus with echos of “Blitzkrieg Bop”—by the Ramones—Hey! Ho! Let’s go!. During “Elegie”, her final encore, Smith named musicians who had died since playing at CBGB

-Babel, Saw III release in theaters

-It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown airs on ABC. A decade earlier, it was on CBS. 2016 is the special’s 50TH ANNIVERSARY

The 2006 World Series is won by the St Louis Cardinals, who beat the Detroit Tigers in 5 games. It is STL’s first WS win since the 1930s. I didn’t like this, since the Cards beat the Mets in the NLCS

Magical Starsign, WTF, Phantasy Star Universe, Touch Detective, Resivoir Dogs game all release this week alongside Marvel Ultimate Alliance








19 thoughts on “Swift & Winehouse, Kang & Kodos and 50 Years of the Great Pumpkin – Oct 21-27

        1. Hand in a jar of used needles, nothing! In the second one there is a pit of used needles that Shawney Smith gets thrown into!
          And the Saw movies are a fun, turn off your brain, kind of movie. I wouldn’t consider them even close to my favorites but they are good hangover movies.

    1. They are quite horrible. The first one is barely tolerable, and ends with one of the biggest “oh, come on!” moments ever. Saw 3 is literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen – not because it is a “bad” movie, but because it is flat out repulsive, degrading, and wallows gleefully in its bleakness.

      The villain, Jigsaw, is ridiculously implausible, even be low-brow horror standards, and is motivated to go on his massive killing sprees for the dumbest reason ever: because his doctor wasn’t very friendly.

  1. The abortions/miniature American flags line is in my top 5 Simpsons quotes of all time. You guys are absolutely right about how it can be applied to any divisive issue and how it perfectly encapsulates human nature.

  2. I’ve seen THINNER numerous times thanks to AMC’s Fear Fest. It’s definitely one of the better put together King adaptations.

  3. Well since I’m from St. Louis and you guys asked, the Cardinals drought only went back to their last world series win in 1982, not the 1960’s or the 1930’s. Only the Yankees have more World Series wins than St. Louis. The 2011 Cardinals World Series was more exciting for me because I was in Texas rooting against the Rangers and the Cardinals came back in game 6 when they were down to their last strike in the bottom of the 9th, then the Rangers hit a home run in the 10th to take the lead again, and the Cardinals came back again to force an 11th inning, where they eventually won.

    And the movie Dianne couldn’t remember the name of was “Magic” with Anthony Hopkins and an evil puppet.

    1. I didn’t get into baseball until 2010 when I started dating the woman who is now my wife. Her family is from St. Louis, and she’s related through marriage to Mark Buehrle, so she’s been a huge Cardinals fan since she was born, and she passed that love onto me JUST in time for that incredible 2011 World Series. Her aunt is a retired high school teacher and even taught World Series Hero (and current Pirate =/ ) David Freese! His triple in that game 6 will stick out in my mind forever.

  4. Glad to hear someone else shares my undying love of The Great Pumpkin. Hey Chris, if you are reading this I have a question. What was the scene you are talking about when you said It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown had your favorite sky painting ever. Was it the one at the beginning with the red setting sun? Personally, that is mine.

  5. Not trying to be a dick, but it’s a common misconception that Perot was responsible for Bush 41’s loss in ’92.

    “Clinton was elected with 43% of the vote, to Bush’s 37.5%, a difference of nearly six million votes. To overtake Clinton in a two-way race, then, Bush would have needed to gain the lion’s share of the Perot vote, about two-thirds of it. But in the exit poll conducted on Election Day, just 38% of Perot’s backers said Bush was their second choice. Thirty-eight percent also said Clinton was. “The impact of Mr. Perot’s supporters on the campaign’s outcome,” wrote The New York Times, “appears to have been minimal.” The Washington Post’s conclusion: “Ross Perot’s presence on the 1992 presidential ballot did not change the outcome of the election.””


    Bush’s loss was entirely of his own making.

  6. Guillermo Diaz is the best! Not only was he fantastic in Half Baked– as mentioned on the podcast– but he had a major role as (wait for it) Guillermo in Weeds, and is currently starring in Scandal as Huck.

  7. I’m going to play devil’s advocate for Soul Man here, but…

    Is that movie ACTUALLY blackface?

    Blackface is a white actor portraying a black character. But the character he’s portraying in the movie is white. The CHARACTER is pretending to be black. But that makes it blackface in universe, but not to us, the viewers.

    The movie is ABOUT blackface, but it’s not blackface to the audience.

    1. This is 2016. Anytime someone white paints their face black, it’s blackface.

      Context never matters. It’s all about the knee jerk reaction and how great you feel when you post how offended you are about it on Twitter.

  8. Boy, I’m glad the episode description saying the Mets lost game 6 of the ’86 series is just a typo and you get it right in the episode, as well as the extended episode notes. As a big Mets fan, I think I would have had an aneurysm listening to you guys if you got it THAT wrong.

    The Mets did, of course, lose game 7 of the 2006 National League Championship to the Cardinals in particularly brutal fashion. That was 10 years ago last week.

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