Cape Crisis Special – Luke Cage Spoilercast And NYCC Diary


Shimmy shimmy ya, it’s another special comic book podcast. Henry and Chris get together to first chat about Hank’s first New York Comic-Con and all the famous folks he met. Then, the guys have a spoiler-y talk about the newest Netflix/Marvel series, Luke Cage…


In case you somehow missed it, there’s a Laser Time Patreon going, with some really cool rewards and milestone we’d love to reach with your help! Lots of new comic book content on Laser Time too. You should definitely check out our YouTube channel. You’ll find the second installment of our complete playthrough of the worst Spider-Man game, every Iron Man video game, the history of Winter Soldier, our continuing exploration of Marvel trading cards, and the 8 Stupidest Things Superman does in games!

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5 thoughts on “Cape Crisis Special – Luke Cage Spoilercast And NYCC Diary

  1. Yay for a surprise special! Thanks for taking the time to still pop in and have a bit of comic talk once in a while, Hank.

    I’m curious to see what you guys thought of Luke Cage. I liked the first six episodes, but after that it really went downhill for me and I was left pretty disappointed for the first time from a Marvel-Netflix show.

  2. Yay! CC, Luke C., NYCC and Go Go Curry! It all rhymes, cee?

    Yes Chris, I did indeed win a PS4 from the $5 Taco Bell Box promo. What’s even more amazing is getting a 27″ Asus Monitor for $12 through a Walmart glitch a month later! So I technically “bought into” this current gen for less than $20.

  3. Yes, new Cape Crisis. I’ve been wondering what you thought. I’m in agreement for the most part although I liked it more than you it seems. Funny that it still gets a thumbs up despite the pummeling you gave but valid still. Better than Daredevil season 2, which was still fun.

    And yes Hank I agree NO MORE GUN SHOT SCENES!

    Regarding “hallway fights”, no show or film is going to top Oldboy.

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