Talking Simpsons – New Kid on the Block


Bart has his first crush on a special guest star, while Homer tries to have all he could eat while meeting a certain sea captain. All that and Conan memories on this week’s podcast…


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – New Kid on the Block

  1. All-you-can-eat/drink restaurants in Japan always have time limits and I suspect people like me are the reason why.

  2. I realize that Bob and Henry’s jobs at Fandom probably make scheduling quite a challenge, but it would be nice to have some guests on the podcast every once and a while! I know there isn’t a shortage of Simpsons fans on the Laser Time Network and Dave/Diana/Brett/Erik Nagel had a lot of fun insights to contribute!

  3. There’s an Afghani restaurant in a neighboring town that always makes me think of this episode, because I never see more than one car parked there but it’s managed to stay open for close to a decade (if not longer) and counting. It’s especially surprising because the town is straddling the line between upper-middle-class and full-on upper-class, so that real estate can’t be cheap.

  4. Homer sleeping naked in the pool, yelling at the dog to get out of his hammock, and Bart’s nightmare with “you won’t be needing this anymore!” have stuck with me forever.

  5. So I may be one of your youngest listeners. I’m 18, and I first saw this episode in syndication when I was maybe 10 or 11. It’s fascinating, looking back on it, how deeply this episode struck me. It felt like a super well-done portrayal of the feeling of adolescent crushes, which I was becoming aware of at the time. Watching it now, I’m actually annoyed at how the episode kind of refuses to take Bart’s feelings seriously, and can’t keep a straight face. However, the jokes are still great, especially the Homer B-plot.

    I still really love this episode.

  6. My favorite joke in the episode is Bart teasing Lisa with an old sock. Seems like natural kid behavior.

    I did wonder why Laura never reappeared, but maybe there’a only so much you can do with a character like that. For instance, Wendy in Gravity Falls has a very similar dynamic, and even she got sidelined often.

  7. With all the talk of Bob joining Hank at Fandom recently, I finally took a trip over there. I was met by a screen full of blocks about movies and comics and games and stuff, with no sign of who was reponsible for them. It reminded me a lot of a site I used to go to, that Hank used to work at, and which he bashes the style of all the time.

    I watched Mr Plow the other night, and it felt a lot like Family Guy, with a number of jokes that fell really flat for me now. I’m curious to see how next week’s show turns out, the guys keep bringing up Mr Plow like it’s a masterpiece, but I was surprised how little I liked it watching it again.

  8. So are we to assume that if Moe never showed up Laura and Jimbo would be makin’ bacon on the Simpsons couch?

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