Chipmunks, Leo’s Romeo, Twisted Metal 2, Hank Scorpio and Borat – Oct 28-Nov 3


This week in 86 saw the end of a Chipmunks season and three less-than-good Nintendo games, then in 96 Baz Luhrmann’s hyperactive Romeo + Juliet stormed in theaters as Hank Scorpio made The Simpsons’ eighth season a hit. Then. 2006 brought us Borat. It was VERY NI… good.


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12 thoughts on “Chipmunks, Leo’s Romeo, Twisted Metal 2, Hank Scorpio and Borat – Oct 28-Nov 3

  1. I remember seeing like gothy trenchcoat kids wearing Slipknot t-shirts in the late 90s,, and I always assumed they were like this super heavy band — until I actually HEARD a slipknot song on MTV2 or something, and I realized they sound like a slightly more aggressive PUDDLE OF MUDD, with whiny/emo-ish vocals, etc. NOT HEAVY .___.

  2. You guys are absolutely 100% spot-on when it comes to Borat’s fans ruining the movie’s reputation. I was about to turn 13 when “Borat” hit US theaters and it cannot be overstated how ubiquitous and omnipresent Borat impressions were at my middle school. The impressions were so obnoxious and constant that it totally turned me off from every seeing the movie.

    Those were some dark days, man.

  3. I went to the 06 The Who concert and it was my first proper rock concert too. The Who was the band that got me into music when I was in my early teens and it was a pretty good night. Unfortunately some dick threw some beer in the air and it got all over me and had me soaked. Yeah sounds like a concert alright.

  4. I remember not caring about Borat in high school but I do remember the guys in the grade above would constantly inflect the voice.

  5. I haven’t watched it for decades but I really hated Romeo and Juliet. I thought the direction was just awful. Those terrible sped up scenes, it looked like I was watching a Benny Hill sketch. Zany camera zooms and Loony Toons style action are also things I do not need in my Shakespeare movies.

  6. As much as I LOVE “You Only Move Twice,” it only just hit me when you guys discussed it that the title was a joke on them having moved to Evergreen Terrace, and now moving for Homer’s new job. I always just went “yeah, the Bond movie cause it’s a loving homage to the Connery era.” D’oh

  7. I bought a ticket for Flushed Away and then snuck into Borat. I’ve never been in such a packed movie theater. That was I think the last movie I went to where people were packed in like sardines all like “I gotta see what this is all about”. It was a real, like, EVENT. It’s too bad every amateur impersonator ruined it, but I still get a kick out of “vagine like sleeve of wizard”.

  8. Oh man, Ninja Kid. That was not only a manga game reskin (like Chubby Cherub or Dragon Power), it was a reskin of a Gegege no Kitaro game. Kitaro and his fellow yokai are a MAJOR, long standing property in Japan, but they never came to America despite getting an anime in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s, several animated features and four live action features. It was, of course, localized in Spanish, though. The manga are only being translated in English NOW because the late artist/writer Shigeru Mizuki had recent great success here with his old critically acclaimed WWII histories and memoirs like Onward to Our Noble Deaths, Showa, Nonnonba, and Hitler.

  9. Brett, if it’s any consolation I haven’t seen Borat either. Not for any reason, just have never gotten around to it.

    I also am not a fan of FF12 either. I actually finished it, but I didn’t enjoy it.

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