REMINDER: Get your Halloweeny Movie Commentaries


Get spooked with the Laser Time crew with multiple horrific flavors of Halloween Horror via our premium, full-length movie commentaries

Anybody feel like watching a horror movie as Halloween wraps up? We do! Which is why doing semi-regular movie commentaries featuring our favorite murderous monsters and horror comedies has become a bit of an annual tradition for us. If you don’t feel like watching alone, do it with your pals from Laser Time and multiple members of our spirited community via our premium Bandcamp commentaries.

All the cool kids are doing it

Perhaps you dug our recent episodes about Horror Stars and Horror Comedies. Well, shit, bruh! You can totally watch Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Beetlejuice, Shuan of the Dead, and more, depending on what you consider a horror movie. (Is Godzilla 1984 a horror movie? He is a monster and a lot of innocent people die…)

Whatever, we’ve got full-length ride along for at least 10 Halloweeny flavored films awaiting your delicate ears. And if I may personally recommend one, we recently did a Ghostbusters commentary with special guest and Ecto Expert, Dan Amrich. Laser Time Patrons already have unrestricted access to all of these commentaries (and more), but if you’d like to enjoy just one or two a la carte, they can be yours for $1.99 or less over on our Bandcamp page. Once again, you can get all of the commentaries, and over 50 more, including Captain America, Street Fighter: The Movie, and the entire Star Wars saga for just $5 a month on our Patreon, but if you’re pinching pennies, Bandcamp is a pretty great way to get exactly what you want, right away and for a little less. As always, your support is appreciated. Thanks, ya’ll and have a Happy Halloween!

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