Vidjagame Apocalypse 187 – Undercover Cops


Happy Halloweek, everybody! We’re… actually cutting our Halloween theme short a week early, because we only get one Episode 187, and we’d never forgive ourselves if we didn’t seize the opportunity to reference an ancient Dre/Snoop song by focusing on characters who went into deep cover to investigate crime syndicates. We then move on to Battlefield 1, Civilization VI, and World of Final Fantasy before talking at length about the Nintendo Switch, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the creepiest things that happened to you while playing games.

Question of the Week

What game or franchise do you think would be a good fit for Nintendo Switch’s capabilities?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Deep Cover by Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 Legacy Edition
Dishonored 2: Limited Edition
Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition
Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack
Dead Rising 4
The Last Guardian
Yakuza 0

14 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 187 – Undercover Cops

  1. A Metroid game made by From Software… BECAUSE I WANT IT. Obviously that game would need to have snappier controls than almost any of their other games and Samus’s movements would need less weighty than character movements in Souls BUT think of a Metroid world designed by the Souls. The Souls style of story telling is perfect for Metroid and think about a From Software designed Kraid, Ridely or Mother Brain.

    Also, the person you were thinking of who brought their WiiU on a plane was Vice Waypoint’s Patrick Klepek. He played Bayonetta 2 on a plane cause he really wanted to finish it and I think it was a baller move. Anyways, love you guys. I’ve been lurking since 2014 and started giving money to the Patreon. Keep up the good work.

  2. Michael Grimm? Isn’t he in prison for tax evasion?

    Anyway, Axe of the Blood God is right. Give us Persona games on the Switch, and you can kiss a variety of gamers goodbye from society.

  3. I enjoy that VA can sometimes devolve into drunken angry rambling, and this episode might be the most angriest drunkiest rambliest videogame podcast I have ever heard in my life. I guess what I’m trying to say is I love you Michael Grimm!

    1. QOTW: I’m thinking any kind of big budget adventure game that’s not reliant on online, like a Tomb Raider, or Arkham City should be great on Switch, right?

  4. PS4 may allow you to swap hard drives, but it’s best to buy a new hard drive when you get a PS4. Some people do not like the backup program, especially when they already spent so much time updating and installing the game. The Xbox One allows you to install a USB 3.0 External Drive. Some gamers want both options, especially when the latter option is easier to deal with.

  5. As someone who the Nintendo Switch seems exclusively designed for, I want any JRPG, and open world side quest heavy game on this system. As someone with two kids who has MAYBE two hours of free time a night I would love to be able to Grind out side quests or levels while watching TV and when the big boss fight or something visually spectacular I would pop it onto the TV in the basement. My kids insist I stay upstairs while they fall asleep I could get a lot done while waiting for them to doze off, supposing I don’t have laundry to do which I always do.

    1. For clarity Xenoblade Chronicles X is a prime example, its a fantastic broad game, but if I could not play it off TV I would never have gotten anywhere in it. Also it should be ported to Switch as all those who skipped it should be given a chance to enjoy it.

    2. I’m also a dad with multiple kids who gets an hour or two of game time per night, at most, so yeah: the Switch might seem bizarre and pointless to people like Grimm, but it is EXACTLY what I need. I also play games during my lunch hour at work and it would be nice to continue playing the same games. The Witcher 3 took me months to finish and would have been absolutely perfect for the Switch.

  6. I appreciate the reference to the inside jokes in Driver and GTA. I understood that reference! I played both series, and noticed the gag. Tho I thought it was a bit silly. Driver was better with car handling, and screeching around the city like a car chase movie, but GTA better with the open world and foot missions. I enjoyed both series. I actually do own Driver, Driver 2, Driv-three-r, Driver Parallel lines, AND Driver ’76 for the PSP.

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