Laser Time – Fictional Presidents


We put politics aside (mostly) to discuss the most memorable American Presidents in movies, TV, and games! Hail to these Chiefs!


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35 thoughts on “Laser Time – Fictional Presidents

    1. I would totally be into a tv sci fi episode. Especially if they reach all the way back (however briefly) to the early sci fi B movies that inspired so many classic series.

  1. maaaaaaaan, im so disappointed in y’alls pop culture presidential knowledge. jk but, seriously y’all forgot The Fifth Element and then misremembered details of the film. the president didnt die and a lot of his clips were very funny.
    Wow there are no Asian or Latino presidents in film? weird.

    1. This, holy caca

      The moment you guys started with black prez I was waiting for the 5th element discussion…need less to say I was left edging with no climax

      Oh well great episode as always!

    2. None that are very notable. That’s kinda the problem with casting in general. What (well known)Asian actor could be a president? Jackie Chan? Lucy Liu? They did say Jimmy Smits as President the last season of West Wing, that’s the noticeable exception to the no Latino/Asian presidents rule, I suppose.

      There’s also no gay presidents.

  2. Really annoyed that they breezed right over Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, who is 100% the best fictional president.

    1. I know right?! I mean, I’m Canadian and don’t identify with the American left or right but I find it super surprising that these clearly progressive guys would have so many conservative fans. The power of pop culture man, it crosses the aisle.

    2. I guess if your not into right wing conspiracy theories or bible podcasts they don’t have a lot of creative content to listen to.

  3. Quote of the show: “Who does your God fuck??”
    C’mon Chris, you know Yahweh fucks *everybody*. Now I’m going back to reddit

    1. Really? I saw it when it initially came out and again a few years ago. I don’t love it, but my main problem with it is I like 20 minute episodes, it’s really just a very long story from characters that normally give us a 20 minute story.

  4. The first time I ever remember hearing about a Black president in media was actually in Babylon 5. One of the starships in that show was named after President Colin Powell.

  5. My favorite fictional president is the president from Saints Row IV. An over the top cartoonish leader of a ridiculous street gang who wins the presidency and the love of the people by disarming a nuke mid flight. They’re also the definition of diversity, everything from an obese, blue, genderless, abstract art piece to the most bland generic white guy.

  6. Great episode, but you’re misinformation about the film “Dave” upset me more than it should have. I actually watched the movie as a teenager with my mom and now my wife and I really enjoy.

  7. She’s only been in one episode as of this post, but Lynda Carter plays the U.S. president on Supergirl, and her first appearance was pretty cool.

  8. Tom Clancy’s novels have one of the most ridiculous examples of the designated survivor plot. In Debt of Honor, after another war with Japan (yes, this was written in the 90s, why do you ask?) the main character Jack Ryan is confirmed as vice president after the previous one resigns. This is happening during a joint session of Congress, at which point a Japan Airlines pilot flies a 747 into the Capitol Building and wipes out the entire government. Except Ryan, of course. As far as I know he remained as president throughout the rest of the series, but that ending made me lose most of my interest in it.

  9. God I remember playing Metal Wolf Chaos. Rather I remember the simon-says controlller rumble guessing bullshit OXM made you do to reach the extra content and hidden demos on their discs.

  10. Okay, can someone please explain the whole “Billy!” thing, as well as “Mr. Black.” They both pop up all the time, and I have no idea what they’re referring to. I know the Billy thing is from Robert Logia, but from what?

  11. You are aware any of you were capable of purchasing heath care insurance before Obamacare. All he did is FORCE you to do it.

  12. Watching a movie a day for this year and happened to just watch the other film where Gene Hackman was president. It’s the Clint Eastwood joint ‘Absolute Power’ where Gene Hackman makes Trump blush by sexually assaulting his friends wife, then kills her while Clint(a master theif) watches from a closet. He is caught in the situation while robbing the safe house the president brought the young woman too. Then a big cover up and Clint Eastwood trying to bring Hackman to justice with the help of Ed Harris. Not bad for a political thriller and was pleasantly surprised to know the film that escaped your reach. Better then ‘Welcome to Mooseport’ if you guys want a Trump themed film for when he loses the election it might be fun to spoof over a Eastwood Thriller.

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