The Best New Amazon Releases: Call of Mario Party Beyond


The biggest franchise in gaming returns, Mario throws another fiesta, and Star Trek goes Beyond with this week’s Amazon releases!

As November arrives, there’s plenty to be thankful for here at Laser Time. We’ve got a new Laser Time about fictional presidents, a fantasy fight that mixes The Walking Dead and WWE, and plenty of horror content from last week worth checking out (like this look at McDonalds Halloween toys). There’s also some great new media to consume this week as Call of Duty goes intergalactic with military combat, Mario Party takes it to the 3DS, and a batch of big Blu-rays hit Amazon’s warehouse shelves. Remember, if you’ve got Amazon Prime, you save 20% on any new physical game release! With that in mind, lets check out the new wares!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
I grow more tired of both Call of Duty’s campaign and multiplayer each and every year. That’s not to insult the games, since they are of an incredibly high quality and polished into a brightness that’s almost blinding. So even though Infinite Warfare marks the 10th annual CoD since Modern Warfare redefined the FPS console experience, the hard sci-fi setting might very well be the shot in the arm I was looking for to get interested again. Lately, CoD has overcome the stigma of failing to innovate, being yearly, multi-million dollar glorified map packs by offering an incredibly package of numerous modes, and other distinctively enjoyable experiences. While I was bored out of my fucking mind by Black Ops III’s single-player campaign, the 1940s Zombie survival mode was one of my favorite games of the year PERIOD. Not only does Infinite Warfare offer an all-new, 1980s-flavored Zombie mode, CoD 4: Modern Warfare, the game that started it all, has been remastered and included in Infinite Warfare’s Legacy and Deluxe Editions. [NOTE: It’s unclear if Modern Warfare Remastered will be available separately (although I can’t imagine it’s not a timed exclusive.) PS4 owners can also play Modern Warfare Remastered early, although only by purchasing the digital PSN edition. It’s been playable for PS4 owners for a few weeks now, so I imagine those who care are already aware.]

Also important to keep in mind, the game is following in that new tradition in releasing on Friday instead of Tuesday, which makes a lot more sense IMO, but feels “late” when people like us post about it in new release articles. Whatever, at least it gives you Amazon Prime members more time to pre-order and save 20% off the game, which comes out to almost $20, making it much easier to justify Infinite Warfare’s pricier editions. Seriously, with that discount, buying the Legacy Edition with FREE MODERN WARFARE REMASTERED via Prime is just a couple of nickels more than buying the vanilla edition of Infinite Warfare anywhere else. ACT FAST! CHRIS

BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Now THIS is counter-programming! A fighting game full of anime babes and it doesn’t even have an English dub! But in all seriousness, it’s been awhile since Street Fighter V hit earlier this year, and another fighter, no matter how weeb-y, is welcome. So dust off your PS4 fight stick and step into battle with BlazBlue. If you’ve got an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll save 20% on the standard edition listed above or the limited edition listed below which makes this fighter all the more attractive!

Mario Party Star Rush
Like Mario Party but hate waiting? Well, Star Rush may be the portly plumber party game for you! Perhaps due to the 3DS platform and its necessity for less downtime, Star Rush removes the turn-based gameplay of past Mario Parties to create a game that quickens the excruciating pace of previous MPs. Plus you’ve got the franchise’s bread-and-butter minigames pitting Mushroom Kingdom’s finest against each other, but on the go! The only thing that could make this better? A 20% discount, which you’ll get with an Amazon Prime subscription!

Star Trek: Beyond
I think the modern Star Trek seriesmay have just hit that same lull that doomed the original film series to odd-numbered limbo. Granted, Beyond still satisfied most fans and critics, but after the first two action and surprise-packed films, Beyond suffered from being in that shadow AND the shadow of next year’s TV revival AND becoming JJ Abrams’ forgotten child in favor of Star Wars. But now that STB is on Blu-ray, I’ve definitely made plans for my next trip aboard the USS Enterprise.

Nine Lives
I sometimes worry when movies try TOO hard to be campy (like the Pirhana series), but I’m holding out hope for Nine Lives. While it has the tough legacy of A Talking Cat?! to live up to, the concept of Frank Underwood himself voicing a cat is already outlandish, but the add the element of putting Spacey aside Christopher Walker and I’m like… WAOW. /walkenvoice. This is the kind of movie I’d never watch in a theater but would gladly rent or borrow from a friend to watch on a weeknight. Perhaps you could be that friend!

Polar Express
Hey, its Uncanney Valley: The Movie! America’s Dad Tom Hanks had been on a roll lately, starring in the best episode of a SNL in years, which has me Hanksering to finally catch this Christmas-adjacent CG flick that serves as yet another showcase for Robert Zemeckis to go hogwild with new movie technology. Since I didn’t make it aboard back during the original 2004 release, I’ll probably queue this Blu-ray soon… once I watch the David S. Pumpkins and Black Jeopardy skits again for the 15th time…



Kingdom Hearts III
Dishonored 2: Limited Edition
Watch Dogs 2: Gold Edition
Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack
Dead Rising 4
The Last Guardian
Yakuza 0

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