Super Mario 3D Land – Anniversary Gameplay


The greatest Super Mario game no one ever talks about is FIVE YEARS OLD this week! Celebrate with our good, long look at Super Mario 3D Land, the forgotten-too-soon Nintendo 3DS classic…

If you haven’t picked up Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS, we implore you to grab it (on Amazon!)┬ábefore the Nintendo Switch comes out and you might not be able to anymore.

Laser Time streams (at least) every Tuesday and Wednesday on Twitch/YouTube. Previous Laser Time streams include:


One thought on “Super Mario 3D Land – Anniversary Gameplay

  1. Wow. Twitch made me watch a 30 second commercial before they told me the feed was offline.

    Anyways, can’t wait to watch this on YouTube. SM3DL is one of my favorite 3DS games. It looks even better when you are playing it on a New 3DS. That eye tracking feature is amazing and it makes the 3D pop.

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