Talking Simpsons – Mr. Plow


Is this week’s episode the best Simpsons ever? We zip up our jackets, put it in H, and dissect Mr. Plow! Not only that, but we’ve got personal stories of meeting Adam West…


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18 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Mr. Plow

  1. Wow, it’s over twoce as long as the episode (not a complaint though, this was an excellent episode)

  2. Another awesome episode! The artsy commercial for Mr.Plow has always stuck with me visually, so I guess in way it does do its job. I also completely forgot that the Adam West appearance was in this episode.

  3. “Boracho” is not Spanish for donkey, it’s Spanish for drunkard. It’s also the name of the bar in Three Amigos!

      1. Meant to say that Bo-Rai-Cho the drunken masyer from Mortal Kombat series was named after the term borracho

  4. I do love when Chris or who ever makes a statement that is so blatantly wrong because of their life style. You can get a car for 20k new pretty easy. My brother bought one last year for that price nowhere close to 30 or 40k.

    I use the line about how the waiting game sucks so often its lost all meaning. Probably should own Hungry Hungry Hippos just in case someone does call my bluff

    Also I love how the phone call to distract Homer while they repo his truck was so pointless because it just alerted him to the car being taken. He was none the wiser otherwise.

    1. I do believe Chris’ previous figyuh was in filthy hippie califorbie currency. Ihn suhre he realizes that ys humble-bundlein red state livuhs have a, diffrent, situhation. I say I say

      1. I live in California and bought a new car last year for around $20,000. Granted it was a car not a truck but it’s still a 2016 Honda Civic, nowhere near the $30,000 minimum for a car like they claimed.

  5. A hectare is actually a measurement of space rather than distance (10000 square meters), so technically the car can do 10km (6.21 miles) for every tank of kerosene.

  6. Maaan, I’ve driven hatchbacks almost my entire driving career. High mileage, peppy, magically spacious. What’s not to like?!

  7. No disrespect Henry but your dad comes off as kind of a jerk in some of these podcasts. Yeesh. I’m with Fingersmaloy. Hatchbacks are sweet. Good milage and almost the room of a truck without the hassle of having to be that truck guy when friends are moving. No downside!

    Still great to have you back for one of the most important episodes ever, though. While still a far cry from my favorite, (Lisa the vegetarian is my fav) I still enjoy Plow King whenever it happens to come one. Great breakdown of the episode guys!

    1. Lisa the Vegetarian is so criminally underrated. That episode is the paragon of the rapid-fire jokes + sincere emotion formula that makes Golden Age Simpsons so great.

  8. Love the reference to Kermit Unpigged! I won that album selling magazine subscriptions. It was also my first introduction to Ozzy Osbourne.

  9. My wife watches the news every morning as we get ready for work, and let me tell you, the commercial jingle is alive and well. Here in the Sacramento area we have jingles for companies like Empire Today as well as local businesses like Bonney Plumbing.

    We also have embarrassingly dumb local car dealership commercials. The owner of one dealership calls himself “The Big Dog” and his commercials would often have dogs in them, so in some kind of weird arms race, another dealership’s commercials started to end with the owner’s wife holding up some puppies and saying “Don’t forget to say hi to the guard puppies!”

  10. Put it in L for some of these comments. This episode should be in everyone’s top 10 just for “So long, Superman. Your secret identity is safe with me.”

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