Metal Wolf Chaos: The Greatest Playable President of All-Time


President Michael Wilson. Patriot. Mech Pilot. The only politician that matters this month. From the makers of Dark Souls comes the greatest game you’ve never played…

As talked about on both Laser Time and Vidjagame Apocalypse this week, we’ve resurrected this ancient sizzle from Metal Wolf Chaos, From Software’s heartbreakingly wonderful, 90% localized, Japan-only Original Xbox exclusive from 2004, featuring a playable President who just so happens to also be an artist with a murderous mech suit! Just in time fro the election, let’s PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Believe me, we’re DYING to stream this game for you. Thanks to our buddy Zeez, we have a legit copy of the game, although sadly, no OG Xbox capable of playing import games. Keep your fingers crossed, and maybe, just maybe, we can show you this game in full. For more interactive fun with┬áCommander-in-Chief shenanigans, check out our look at Mr. President!

3 thoughts on “Metal Wolf Chaos: The Greatest Playable President of All-Time

  1. Considering Chris’ gripes with Bethesda games, and my own personal one with an Oblivion install breaking a few non-related programs, I can see why the publisher won’t allow early access to journalists but to “favorable” streamers. I’m sick of AAA games coming out broken, relying on “day one” patches and fixes that are about as big as the shipped game. And we have to accept it because of the current state of gaming.

  2. If you search for the game in Google Images, the old GamesRadar picture you guys did with the “”He WILL kill the Vice President” is the third image.

    It works so damn well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve fooled many a curious gamer with that perfectly-fitting pic.

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