Kingdom Hearts – It’s Almost Over Now


It’s time to begin the multi-hour fight with Billy “Ansem” Zane. But before that you must feel out pain…

It’s your penultimate episode of Kingdumb Farts, and we’re passing our misery along to you, with yet another blast through KH’s absurdly difficult, highly unfair scrub rush! But hey, at least it culminates in the beginning of the end. Next week, we are done, people!

Feel free to catch up on some of our other episodes in our Kingdumb Farts playthough,┬ábecause it’s almost over!

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts – It’s Almost Over Now

  1. Funny enough Kingdom Hearts is where I learned the word “Penultimate”.

    Stay strong you guys can finish this (and probably already have?) because I know you’ve got heart!

  2. My palms were sweating watching you finally beat that fucking annoying rush. Like Brett said, watching this has made me rethink my opinions on KH. Maybe if I ever make it to retirement age I’ll crush through it when there’s nothing left in life except the long wait for death.

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