Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s First Word


We travel back to 1984 to learn all the kids’ first words, burgers won at Olympics, and tons more facts! Listen to this podcast or a clown might eat you…


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s First Word

  1. This is without a doubt the most quoted Simpsons episode in my family, and personally is in my top five favorite episodes!

    1. I can’t wait until we start getting to the Talking Simpsons recorded after the election so we can listen to a long rant prior to the start of the episode and then the actual episode which is mostly about Ross Perot but the last twenty minutes are excerpts from the Oliver North trial.

  2. thanks so much for the longer episodes as of recent.
    So much things to talk about and clips to share and I love every second of it.
    Always loved young Bart in this episode and this episode was my number one for a long time until I got older and fell in love with homer at the bat.

  3. I always liked this episode, but when I actually had my first kid, it rocketed up to possibly my all-time favorite. Then it hit me even harder when we had a second kid – a baby sister for our firstborn boy. And sure enough, she is CRAZY about her big brother. Fortunately, he loves her too.

  4. The “if you should die before you wake [laughs]” bit is something my siblings and I often repeat to this day, which I realize now sounds really morbid out of context

  5. so here is my story: i switched from “watch out for fireballs” to “retronauts” to “vidjagame apocalypse” to “talking simpsons”!
    basically i followed bob mackey (!!!) through all the podcasts. anyway “laser time” rocks heavily and i’m thinking about supporting talking simpsons on patreon, because your podcasts sweep the floor with all other forms of entertainment out there! keep up the good work guys! the whole laser time crew is awesome!


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