Beastie Boys, Space Jam, Mr Show and the debut of the PS3 – Nov 11-17


This week in 1986 brought us Hoosiers and License to Ill, then 1996 saw Space Jam slam into theaters while Mr Show began its second season. In 2006, the PlayStation 3 launches in America and Daniel Craig reboots Bond in Casino Royale. Also the worst Sonic game came out this week.


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20 thoughts on “Beastie Boys, Space Jam, Mr Show and the debut of the PS3 – Nov 11-17

  1. Due to the many repeat watches of Space Jam, (including ordering 3 times from a hotel service in a single weekend according to my parents) it has to be my “Movie that I’ve watched the most beginning to end.” We listened to the cassette tape almost every-time we went on a trip. It holds a special place in my childhood, for better or worse.

    ^ I’m sure you probably mention it in the episode but here’s the very dated official website of the film, that should tickle the nostalgia senses of anyone who grew up with the internet in the nineties.

  2. I’m not sure if you guys are aware of the SlamJam mashup remix “phenomenon” but it’s pretty fascinating. Basically it posits that you can take the Quad City DJ’s Space Jam song and splice it up with damn near anything. Sometimes it doesn’t work but other times the results are sublime. Here are a few examples.
    Guiles theme really does go with anything:
    Billy Joel:
    The song from Night at the Fucking Roxbury!:
    And so many more!

  3. Excited for this episode. Loved Space Jam as a kid and most recently rewatched on me and my gf’s 5th annivesary a month ago.

    And for Craig, he is my second favorite Bond. I’ve seen every Bond and a big fan of the series. Connery is the #1 and Craig is my #2. This isn’t a shot at Moore, Brosnan, or Dalton but I enjoy Craig’s take so damn much. What really hurts Brosnan is how rough his movies were outside of Goldeneye (which I don’t have ranking above anyone else’s best).

    If anyone ever wants to discuss some Bond let’s do it.

  4. I checked out FROM BEYOND based on Brett’s recommendation, and my love of RE-ANIMATOR, and enjoyed it a lot. It stuck out as one of my favourites from my month-long Horror binge.

    As per Casino Royale, it’s perhaps my favourite Bond film, and I’m a HUGE Bond fan. Ever since the days of VHS I’ve collected every movie and watched them obsessively (moving onto the DVDs, and now I have the 50th anniversary Blu-Ray box set, plus Skyfall and Spectre). After I saw Casino Royale in theatres the first time, it inspired me to actually read the Fleming novels. 10 years later, and I’ve just about completed them (I left off during YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE last time I was working through the series).
    As great as Connery is in the role (and I love his 007), Craig is easily my favourite. I really liked Skyfall, Quantum is still decent all things considered, and I honestly do not get the hate Spectre got, with people calling it the worst Bond film in 30 years. To me it just felt like a fun, classic Bond movie done very well, with Craig finally being Bond from start to finish – no more emotional trauma keeping him from peak performance, or the shackles of Bond’s early years. I get that with Casino Royale and Skyfall being more introspective and subversive that maybe expectations were different, but I still had a blast with it.

  5. Just for the record despite a short period of no new Power Rangers episodes, the show has been back for the past couple years on Nickelodeon.

  6. As a giant Sony fan, watching that E3 conference was like watching Trump getting elected. I just shook my head in resignation and disgust.

    Thankfully, the PS3 actually had a pretty good library.

    Also – huzzah for the shoutout to From Beyond. I agree with Diana that Re-Animator is a better movie though.

    And if Diana is a giant Bond fan, has she read the books? Just curious.

  7. Great show as always!

    But I’ve noticed that you guys have overlooked a few important internet videos / series that premiered in 2006. Here’s a list of what I could dig up:
    January 17: Afro Ninja
    March 17: Alabama Leprechaun
    March 26: Nintendo 64 Kids
    May 5: “Shoes” – Kelly
    April 6: Evolution of Dance
    June 16: Lonelygirl15 Premiered
    July 30: “Little Superstar”
    July 31: “Here It Goes Again” – OK Go premiered on YouTube
    August 25: Laughing Baby
    September 15: T-shirt World Record
    October 30: Will It Blend? Premiered
    November 6: Sneezing Panda

  8. Hey T3 fam–just wanted to expand on Jazz from Hell a little!
    JFH is Zappa’s collected compositions on an instrument called the Synclavier–sort of a hybrid composition machine, sampling machine, and workstation. My favorite song from it is “G Spot Tornado”, a composition Zappa wrote thinking it would be impossible for humans to play; Ensemble Modern later played it in 1993, the year Zappa died. And speaking of Zappa dying, this was the last studio album he released before his death (the rest were live performances), so, good thing you caught it!

    Also, inb4 “isn’t all jazz from hell hyuk hyuk”

    Keep up the great work!

  9. I’m going to be “that guy” who defends Day Break. When I was sick a couple years ago I binged all 13 episodes on Netflix. It might be the most serialized show I have ever seen. It had so many interconnected storylines that I would have most certainly been lost if I had been forced to wait a week between episodes. It’s a surprisingly good self-contained story that had a pretty good ending. I’d give it a solid recommendation, but now that it is no longer on Netflix I’m sure there is literally no way in the world to watch it.

  10. I wish you guys were as big of fans of Futurama as you are The Simpsons, because Space Jam inspired one of the best episodes of Futurama, “Time Keeps On Slippin'”. It’s the perfect combination of Futurama’s high concept science fiction conceits, sentimental heart, and pitch perfect comedy.

  11. Oh man, Day Break. A thoroughly okay show. Worst thing was that it was never intended to be an unsustainable high concept show like lost. It premiered as a 13 episode miniseries, one and done. ABC still couldn’t be bothered to air it in its entirety, even on off hours, and eventually it was replaced with…reruns of Lost. The irony.

    They did eventually release the final episodes, minis licensed music, on the web platform. And obviously now it’s out on DVD and all that. I don’t know that I’d recommend it. But it was definitely the first time I felt truly screwed as a fan; I mean I can almost understand canceling an expensive ongoing sci if show like Firefly (I guess). But canceling a show millions of people are watching because you can’t bother to air the remaining few episodes? Meh.

  12. The 60GB PS3 is the best machine I’ve ever bought. I bought one a few months after launch when Virtua Fighter 5 came out. I would love to buy a $500 fully backward compatible PlayStation again that plays the latest optical disc format.

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