This is the end of Kingdom Hearts


Has it been twenty five episodes already?  Welcome to the grand finale of Kingdom Hearts’ five-hour finale! It’s all been leading up to this, so let’s see of Haley Joel Osmet has what it takes to take down Billy Zane with the help of his trusty duck and dog!

Thank you for enduring the most important thing we’ve ever done. They’ll be more Kingdom Farts probably never.

3 thoughts on “This is the end of Kingdom Hearts

  1. I’m still a few episodes behind but I’m glad you guys saw it through. Way may disagree on the quality of the game but it was a lot of fun to see you guys go through it regardless.

  2. I enjoyed the whole thing and look forward to the rest of the RE4 playthrough. Even with all of the BS, I still want to replay the game one day. Maybe when KH3 comes out? Will I even live that long?

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