Talking Simpsons – Homer’s Triple Bypass


Homer’s health problems get real in this week’s podcast, as the family deals with Mr. Simpson’s heart trouble. Join in and try not to stress out…


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7 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer’s Triple Bypass

  1. Bob’s understanding of Family Guy seems to be rooted in the shows early seasons. For real though, it does quite a bit these days with its animation.

  2. Homer’s heart attack animations are some of the best visuals to come out the entire show, such an awesome episode.

  3. Chris is absolutely right about Family Guy! On the whole, it looks like crap and is mainly shot from that one flat angle. But they’ll switch up the camera way more often than modern Simpsons and take every chance to animate the shit out of a sequence. And even the stuff to which Bob was referring looks amazing. Yes, they just animated Stewie over Jerry, but it’s not like it’s 1:1.

    Just watch the Disney sequence from the Road to the Multiverse episode for a great example.

  4. Ironically enough this episode predicted the future of bad policing at least in New York City. Apparently in NYC (and possibly other cities in that area) they no longer report on not only the race/ethnicity of suspects (presumably the police were getting a lot of flack for over-reporting minority suspects) but you also don’t get specific descriptions of their clothing (also presumably because you can infer their ethnicity by their clothing descriptions) So in a lot of New York City crime cases where they describe suspects it will literally be stuff like “Suspect was a male in his 20’s, wearing a white shirt”. I didn’t believe it either until I started watching New York City news segments when I was bored and all the crime reports were in that format, which is weird because in Los Angeles where I live the news likes to get extra descriptive with their suspects, “Suspect was a Hispanic male 5’5″ in his late 20’s, possibly Puerto Rican, wearing a blue Dodgers jersey and dirty blue jeans with a red do-rag. Suspect is mustache-less, I repeat mustache-less”

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