There’s a Wonderful Short Circuit Easter Egg Buried in Watch Dogs 2!


Deep inside one of Watch Dog 2’s otherwise innocuous side missions lies one helluva shoutout to Johnny 5!

We recently had a blast messing around inside Watch Dog 2’s open-world San Francisco (our hometown BTW) but hidden inside one of the game’s seemingly unexciting taxi side missions is a reference to a film we recently brought up on Thirty Twenty Ten for its 30th anniversary! Can you guess what it is without looking at all the headlines and images that clearly give it away?!?!

Lovely. That should warm the hearts of 80s kids everywhere. And shout out to Los Locos everywhere. May the balls of your enemies forever orbit the planet! If you’d like to know more about Short Circuit on its 30th anniversary, be sure to check out our Thirty Twenty Ten episode celebrating the original movie, as well as our full-length commentary for the movie on our Bandcamp page.

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