Fievel, First Contact and Tenacious Wii – Nov 18-24


An American Tail debuts this week in 1986, introducing us to adorable little Fievel, while 1996 brought us Jingle All The Way and Star Trek’s biggest hit in a decade. 2006 saw the launch of Nintendo’s Wii and the Pick of Destiny, plus the Burger King Trilogy.


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20 thoughts on “Fievel, First Contact and Tenacious Wii – Nov 18-24

  1. There are better hills to die on then Song of the South, Chris. I love you, but why do you keep doing this to yourself.

  2. Kind of a damn shame that Nintendo didn’t make any gameplay refinements for Twilight Princess HD (as far as I know) along the lines of what they did for Wind Waker HD. The game is absolutely great once you muscle through the opening slog.

  3. I used to watch Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Remington Steele, and Moonlighting, strange how many similar crime solving male-female duo shows there were in the early 80’s. The Venus Butterfly was around the time I started watching LA Law, at age 9. I don’t remember the gay story, but it all seems like the sort of subject matter my parents would have objected to at the time. I also saw Notorious on Friday Night Videos, since I didn’t have MTV, and liked it, though I wasn’t real familiar with Duran Duran’s earlier stuff, but I didn’t buy any of their albums until the mid 90’s, like Brett.

    I got Sonic 3D Blast on the Saturn, though I was never really a Sonic fan. I stuck the disc in my comupter and added the music to my collection recently, and it has pretty good music.

    1. Man, I forgot Friday Night Videos even existed!
      My older sister was so into Duran Duran, that she named our three cats after the band members. I think I’ve had enough Duran Duran to last me until I’m 60.

  4. Whenever I hear about “Tone Toni Tony”, I think about an episode of David Letterman they were on. Tony Randall was on the show, and stood on stage while they played, just so they could be “Tone Toni Tony Tony”.

  5. Woohoo! Duran Duran and Star Trek are my two favorite things. Solid Triple T, Laser Team!

    Arcadia was the superior Duran Duran side project in the Notorious era. If anyone is curious what Duran Duran almost became, check out Dark Circles by The Devils, a 2002 album from Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy, who preceded Le Bon as DD vocals. It’s amazing.

  6. Regarding John McTiernan and DIE HARD: you’re both right! McTiernan directed the original AND With a Vengeance.

  7. I loved the Tick. I remember my friend sitting me down and making me watch the first episode of the second season (the one with the whale) and I was hooked completely.

    I also loved the Fountain when I saw – because I saw it on mushrooms!

    As for the Wii, I think you guys were a little bit hard on it. It did have good third party RPGs – you didn’t even mention Operation Rainfall!

    It got three great JRPGs at the end of the Wii’s life – Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.

    Would love to see you guys do a playthrough of Disaster Day of Crisis for the Wii – if you have a modded Wii, because it was Europe only.

  8. Oh my goodness, I love The Tick SO MUCH. “The Tick vs. the Tick” might be my single favorite episode of any TV show ever. And guess what? It’s all on YouTube! Go watch all of it now. It gets exponentially weirder the deeper you get into it.

  9. So I guess I’m the closest thing to a Tenacious d superfan so I’ll give what little info I know. After their movie bombed (probably from being too focused on story-based songs and without any of the skits that made their first album great) they stopped while Jack made movies and Kyle formed the band Trainwreck with the titular character “Lee” as the singer. They all took fake rock names like Clip Kalhoon, Boy Johnny, and John Bartholomew Shredman. Very funny and cheesy as shit songs like “Rock, Boulder, Mountain”. I actually got to meet KG at my drunkest and was given the demo album (presumably to get me out of there)

    Tenacious d reformed with the album “Rize of the Fenix” (with a cock-and-balls phoenix on the cover) where they got back to their roots with funny songs and skits and even had a song explaining it all called “The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Cage” that was accompanied by a video with Val Kilmer.
    I’m endlessly entertained by these guys and if you want a good reason to give Pick Of Destiny another chance, just think of homeless Tim Robbins saying “I really miss that sweet fucking leg of mine”

    And really, they made a song with Dio and Meatloaf. That’s just really damn cool.

    And for wii, get really stoned and play Warioware. It justified the system for me, even if it is collecting dust now.

  10. The Wii segment went pretty navel-gazey. If you look at stuff like the Oculus motion controllers and the Vive motion controllers, there’s definitely some Wii lineage there. Something had to be first. And Wii is the only video game console that my grandmother ever played. It reached an insanely wide scope.

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