The Best New Amazon Releases: Kubo and the Two Games


The best alternative to Zelda gets a new-gen remaster, Dragon Ball goes portable, and a major animated feature hit Amazon this week!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re counting our reasons to be thankful this week. There’s our generous supporters who fund Laser Time’s Patreon, and the 80-plus Bonus Time episodes we’ve distilled into and discussed on our Best of Bonus Time episode of Laser Time! There’s also Laser Time’s YouTube, which is home to great new content like our Final Fantasy logo exploration and a battle royal of Overwatch characters! And then there’s the great new games and movies we have to look forward to Amazon. Don’t forget; the new physical game releases on Amazon come with an awesome 20% discount for Prime members. Got it? Good! Here’s the games and movies!

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition
Before the Wii U remakes rolled around, the Darksiders franchise was the best way to enjoy Zelda-style adventures in HD. One of the few bright spots in THQ’s dying days, the entire Darksiders saga is now available on new-gen (due to the Capcom-esque reverse porting order that saw Darksiders 2: Deathfinitive Edition release last year). It’s got a great open world featuring apocalyptic cities and an inviting campaign as you control one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse during a battle between Heaven and Hell for the fate of the Earth. If you’re looking for your gothic hack-and-slash action to be a bit faster paced than the likes of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, you might want to master this war. It’s already out at a reduced price than your standard new release, but the discount goes even deeper with the 20% reduction via Amazon Prime!

Dragon Ball Fusions
The fact that Americans are only getting their second 3DS Dragon Ball game in over a half-decade is kinda mind-boggling. DB is still one of the most-loved anime franchises, and the high-flying combat with giant projectiles seems like a perfect fit for the 3D capabilities of Nintendo’s priority platform. Fortunately, the new release seems to have more than just the insanity of DB combat going for it, as Fusions features the franchise’s character mixing and makes it a core gameplay element. Whether you’re making your own fusion, mixing up the dozens of characters, or even morphning with your friends, the insane combat and new fusion feature should be interesting for fans of the anime. While you won’t save over $9000, the 20% discount that comes with Amazon Prime will have you doing a happy fusion dance.

Kubo and the Two Strings
This year has been packed with animated classics like Zootopia, Finding Dory, Jungle Book, and Sausage Party if ya nasty.  With so many hits, a few toons were bound to flop, and Kubo and the Two Strings unfortunately underperformed at the box office. It’s easy to see why an animated feature like Kubo would fall through the cracks due to the lack of star power and the subject matter, which seemed to skew more towards ancient Japanese folklore when more modern toons beckoned, but the critically-acclaimed KUTTS should hopefully find new life on Blu-ray.

War Dogs
Sometimes, a stellar crew can overcome a meh premise. A bunch of dudes underselling military contractors for high-profile weapon sales isn’t going to have me sprinting towards the cinema, but the talent involved might make me look for the Blu-ray. The director, Todd Phillips, has had great success with the Hangover trilogy as well as Old School, while both Miles Teller and Jonah Hill have performed best when the script calls for drama with just a twinge of comedy (see Whiplash and Wolf of Wall Street, respectively). Plus, the idea of totally underprepared blowhards in charge of major military operations is a completely comedic premise that could never reflect current events… right?

Yoga Hosers
‘Member when we used to follow Kevin Smith’s directing career with fervor? I ‘member! While the days of Chasing Amy and Mallrats are two decades behind us, KS can still deliver some entertaining (albeit plainly-shot) films. Case in point, Tusk, which somehow made Justin Long’s torturous transformation into a Walrus equally funny and disturbing. Part of that movie’s charm was the brief appearance of Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughters as Canadian convenience store clerks, but can they carry their own movie? If anything, Kevin Smith has shown that he can make the exploits of retail into comedic gold, so I have high hopes for this flick.

300 Collection
Can you believe it’s been almost a decade since the original 300 released? You know, back in the day that we had confidence in Zack Snyder as a director before he ever touched a superhero script? Even if the movie is a bit too celebratory of war and kinda racist, it’s tough to deny how insane and different the original 300 was when it released in late 2006/early 2007. If you want to relive the original’s insane action and metric ton of yelling, this Blu-ray set that includes the original and the star-deprived-but-still-successful sequel. It’s the perfect “turn your brain off” movie series, and it’s never been cheaper or easier to catch the entire series in HD!



Kingdom Hearts III
Dead Rising 4
The Last Guardian
Yakuza 0
Mass Effect Andromeda
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5

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