Trek in SF, Homestar Origins, and Pokemon Parade – Nov 25-Dec 1


Star Trek goes back in time to 1986 and goes West in The Voyage Home while Moonlighting quotes Shakespeare. 1996 slings ahead with Billy Bob Thorton’s breakout role, live-action Dalmatians, and Milhouse’s parents divorcing. To round things out, 2006 farts out Assy McGee and fills Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons with hot air.


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9 thoughts on “Trek in SF, Homestar Origins, and Pokemon Parade – Nov 25-Dec 1

  1. yes a new podcast to listen through after MST3K Turkey Day ends and my Cowboys get another victory!!!

    thanks guys!

  2. I’ve been working my way through Star Trek TOS and the movies, but I have yet to watch The Voyage Home. Needless to say, this will be rectified shortly.

    “Can I borrow a feeling,” “I sleep in a bed with my wife,” and the various cracker related jokes are some all-time Simpsons classics.

    Rainbow Six Vegas was one of my earliest great online experiences last generation, so much so that when Vegas 2 came out I had a huge group of friends pick it up and play it religiously for months and months. Sadly, as much as I loved Siege, it didn’t have that staying power with us.

  3. I love how Brett is always repping for cheesy 90s house, hip-house, etc; I totally feel him on that stuff! Enigma, Snap!, etc. People love to trash this stuff so it needs its advocates

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