The Simpsons WWE 2K17 Battle Royal!


Thought the score was settled with Simpsons Wrestling on PlayStation? Oh hell doh! Watch Homer, Bart, Flanders, Krusty, and some surprise guests face off in a brutal battle royal for Simpsons supremacy!

OH DOCTOR (Nick), it’s time for another weekend delight Laser Time Fantasy Fight. As you may have heard, we’re pretty big fans of The Simpsons here at LT (peep our chronological look at the show via the Talking Simpsons podcast), so our love of wrestling and the long-running animation institution has finally borne better fruit than the awful PS1 relic Simpsons Wrestling. Yes, we pit six Simpsons characters in a Battle Royal to determine the BEST. CHARACTER. EVER. Check it out!

Want to watch every one of these magnificent pop-culture-focused battles? Check out the Fantasy Fights playlist on YouTube! You can also catch our previous Simpsons battle extravaganza with our Simpsons Wrestling stream below!

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