New Breath of the Wild trailer – greenery, ‘splosions and maybe Zelda?


The Television-Activated Visual Game Device Awards streamed last night, and as always, part of its continued existence is owed to numerous marketing materials debuting during the broadcast. The most relevant announcement / debut for my money was a new Breath of the Wild trailer that shows just a tad more footage…

Not a whole lot to go on, other than a Skyward Sword-esque visual style, a vast overworld that promises lots of adventure, some avian friend-or-foes, and what could be our first quarter-glimpse of Zelda herself. Hard to say for sure, but the shot above and below suggest a similarly dressed heroine who supports Link in some meaningful way…


Would be great to see Zelda take a more action-oriented role, or even become the hero for portions of the game. If BotW is meant to be a drastic shakeup of the Zelda formula, then hey, let’s go for it!

Haven’t watched this entire gameplay demo, but here it is if you want to view and sound off! Also… did I miss the fact Link is right-handed in this game??

It’s announced for “2017,” but not for the Switch’s already announced launch date of March 17, aka St Switchy’s Day, the storied Irish holiday. This suggests a delay, which means Nintendo bettttter have a solid-ass Mario game to launch alongside the Switch while we wait for Breath.

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