Final Fantasy – The Fantasy Fight, Finally!


No, don’t worry, it’s not the FINAL Fantasy Fight, it’s the Final Fantasy Fantasy Fight! Confused? Just realize that we’re pitting famous Final Fantasy characters against each other in a battle royal. Watch as the biggest stars of the first 10 Final Fantasies face off!

Yep, with the recent release of Final Fantasy XV (and the extensive Laser Time Final Fantasy XV stream), we decided it was also time to pit the mages, warriors, and soldiers of Final Fantasy’s various incarnations against one another in an active-time battle via WWE 2K17. From Garland and Moogle to Cloud and Sephiroth, the heaviest hitters in series history take it to the squared circle to finish the fight of good versus evil. Watch it unfold below!

Want to catch the entire lineup of Fantasy Fights? Subscribe to Laser Time on YouTube and check out the Fantasy Fight playlist, which includes insane battles, like this Simpsons smackdown below!

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