Laser Time – The Naughtiest Christmas Songs

Suck, lick, and stroke a new set of filthy holiday tunes just in time for Christmas! Better keep your headphones plugged in for this one…


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27 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Naughtiest Christmas Songs

  1. I didn’t think you could top the last one of these but you really scrapes up the scummiest of songs! (In a good way!) I would definitely buy thta Laser Time does naughty covers of pop music.

  2. that break really took me back to the tdar days when y’all would create segments filled with insanity. this made me very happy. Also going to commercial with the winter music from Earthbound. so good.

  3. I’m so happy that Chris kept his promise to cover Jingle Bell Cock from back in 2014. Patreon money was well spent. That commercial during the first break was also fantastic, it was a very Tdar-like promo.

    Thanks guys. Have a great holiday!

  4. Those songs weren’t anything compared to the last filthy Christmas show. I think the joke Dave was trying to get Henry to sing after his spiel about whether guys are transgender or drag guys was “O, Christmas Tranny.” (Googling that doesn’t bring up anything, it sure sounds like something that would already exist.) And while Henry was anxious to rush and tell us how few songs about cunnilingus there were later in the show, the 2 Live Crew song mentioned eating pussy early in the episode.

  5. I love these. I mean, I really hate listening to the songs because I’m not sure who they are for. I’m guessing the people who bought these records have a lot of “paintings” of hunters trying to reach their guns while shitting and a deer is in front of them.
    Loved the Laser Time songs though. Would buy the hell out of that.

    1. Needless to say I realized this was in fact a SEQUEL episode when I listened to it, but THE POINT STANDS. Awesome stuff, and that LT album bumper was hilarious. Nice to hear a new voice (Bob) be subjected to these monstrosities live.

  6. Wow, happy to hear that these things have been collected so I don’t have to hear them again, especially when 40% of the songs were about cuffing the carrot. The modern female ones were a bit clever, especially that girl band that evoked the pop songs of this era with filthy lyrics.

  7. I love you guys so much. “I’m pregnant cause you’re lazy. Now give me money, abort my baby”. I’m crying here. This is why I support your Patreon.

  8. Goddamnit, you guys. I spent half of a year walking around randomly belting out “SOON YOU’LL BE TASTING SPERRRRRRM!” and had finally gotten it out of my system, after listening to the previous installment of this. Here’s to my public shunning and/or arrest in the coming months!

  9. The original naughty Christmas songs was one of my favorite episodes of lasertime. This one was great too! I loved the album commercial break and your version of Jingle Bell Cock was awesome. Hope every lasertimer has a great Christmas, even Henery.

  10. Loved it!

    As far as X-Mas songs from Mrs. Claus’ perspective, the only one I really know about is this one : and it isn’t really dirty at all. It’s a pretty great song though. The artists, Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler, put out a full album a few years ago that is fantastic and immediately went into my X-Mas music rotation. Especially Zombie Christmas:

    Happy Holidays boys!

  11. Two high points:

    •The commercials
    •Chris ad-lib of a Mrs. Clause fuck song- “Put down that cookie and eat my pussy”. Hearing Hank and Chris bust into laughter was great.

    Also as a recent Patreon $10 subber, I love seeing more ideas used from the community. It means you’re listening and I like that.

    Also also I am 100% with you Chris and I was last time ya’ll did this. I’m not laughing at the awful offensive songs. I’m laughing at HOW awful they are and the idiots who made them.

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