The Best New Amazon Releases: The Suicide Squad and The Champion Cubs

It’s as dead of a week for games as we’ve ever seen, but there’s some great Blu-rays including the best DC Comics movie in years and a celebration of a long-awaited World Series win in this week’s Amazon roundup!

As Christmas rolls ever closer, Laser Time’s holiday fever is intensifying. It definitely helps that we’ve just posted a new Laser Time about naughty Christmas songs and a Royal Rumble featuring holiday season characters, since this week’s Amazon pickings are a bit paltry on the game side! On top of all that, there’s a great selection of games and movies, including the last big console exclusives of 2016. Don’t forget; the new physical game releases on Amazon come with a sweet 20% discount for Amazon Prime members.With that in mind, here’s the games and movies!

Stern Pinball
BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY! Oh… wrong Stern? Anywho, this right here is somehow the biggest new game hitting retail this week. You expect Black Friday week and Christmas week to be devoid of new releases, but the second week of December without even a B-level game release is a bit puzzling (I mean, we’re getting Walking Dead Season 3 next week!). Anywho, it’s pretty tough to much up a pinball game, and Stern’s been putting out quality machines for years, so this will hopefully stand atop the high score list with the many quality pinball compilations. You’ll have the high score in savings if you use Amazon Prime and save yourself 20%!

$20 PlayStation 4 (or Xbox One) Gift Card for Stardew Valley
Even if there isn’t a big new physical retail release this week, there’s still a digital release worth keeping an eye open for. Stardew Valley had a pretty inauspicious release on Steam back in February, and while few folks would have expected a Kickastarter-backed Harvest Moon-inspired game to be in the running for so many GOTY awards come December, it’s ending 2016 like a lion, You know, like you’d see at a farm? Anywho, SV already captured the hearts of some VGA guests earlier in the year but now that it’s on console you can expect discussion of this cute little indie game that could to spring forth once again.

Suicide Squad
Here we have the best post-Nolan DC Comics movie, though that’s probably the faintest praise ever lavished upon a movie. Yes, Suicide Squad had some problems like the god-awful soundtrack and some extremely under-developed characters (including the frigging Joker), but it set a decent template that can put future DC movies on a lighter path than the dark and dreary Superman films of the last half-decade. Like every superhero movie on Blu-ray over the last decade, you can expect oodles more footage to be packed on this disc to make the movie even better or worse, depending on your disposition.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Speaking of DC, the former Batman (and Returns) director Tim Burton has fallen on hard times over the last… ::checks watch:: two decades, as his increasingly more fanciful movies become more out of line with moviegoing tastes (rare hits like Alice in Wonderland notwithstanding). Miss Peg… Peer… that big thing written up there is yet another in a long line of Burton movies that don’t completely shit the bet but are far from box-office hits, so expect Burton to make a few more modest Disney recreations over the next few years to bank enough goodwill to make MPHFPC2, where the children are even more peculiar.

Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Collector’s Edition
If you neglected to listen to Back to the Future a year later, you can still put some money on the Cubbies! Well, a Blu-ray that showcases every game of their seven-game World Series triumph over the equally-cursed Cleveland Indians. Before the 2016 election sapped our spirits, the Cubs-Tribe series was a pretty wonderful thing, so Cubs fans and baseball fans in general (basically everyone but Indians fans) might find this a nice bit of memorabilia to look back at before Trump outlawed baseball. It’s too slow! Bad ratings! SAD!

Jack Frost
There’s already some pretty grim themes hidden in mainstream Christmas movies (see our Laser Time on the Darkest Christmas Entertainment), but holiday horror films deserve a shoutout in particular. Putting the serenity of the holiday season in dark contrast with creepy monster movies is a pretty tough feat, but it’s led to some classics like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Christmas, Krampus, Santa’s Slay (I may be alone with that one), and this baby right here. Don’t mix this up with the Michael Keaton-led film that released the next year; both Jack Frosts feature snowmen inhabited with human souls, but THIS ONE LIKES TO KILL. So it should be pretty easy to determine which JF is superior, right?



Kingdom Hearts III
Yakuza 0
Red Dead Redemption 2
Persona 5
Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition
Halo Wars 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

One thought on “The Best New Amazon Releases: The Suicide Squad and The Champion Cubs

  1. I actually thought suicide squad was worse than the already terrible BvS. Yes,they attempted to increase the humour, but even “attempted” feels like too generous a word. Jokes barely went beyond obvious one liners, and the movie itself was incredibly disjointed, nonsensical and stupid.

    The plot didn’t work, the comedy didn’t work, the action didn’t work, the tone didn’t work, and more than half the cast didn’t even serve a purpose. Only Smith and Robbie kinda worked, but again,only to fit into a plot that is awful to begin with.

    BvS was balls as well, but at the very least it committed to it’s dour feel, so if nothing else, it’s at least more consistent.

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