Talking Simpsons – I Love Lisa

We hope you choo-choo-choose to listen to this week’s podcast. It’s a Valentine’s Day classic where we get to know Ralph, Lisa breaks hearts, Krusty celebrates an anniversary, and we get to know our mediocre presidents…


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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – I Love Lisa

  1. Not only is the “I choo-choo-choose you” card and subsequent heartbreak iconic, but I also love the opening and closing bits with the Monster Mash, as well as the fact that Krusty is apparently 50 or more since he’s been on air for 29 years and the 1963 clip shows him looking largely the same.

    1. Also as for Loaded Weapon 1… it’s so damn stupid that it ends up being a pretty fun schlocky movie to watch. William Shatner’s villain voice is ridiculous throughout the entire movie, that aforementioned beaver scene is madness, and Emilio Estevez being depressed over the violent death of his dog (rather than wife as in Lethal Weapon) is entertaining.

  2. Before anyone screams at us, MARC Wilmore was the guy who intimidated Matt Selman by pretending to be the mayor of St. Louis. LARRY Wilmore is his brother, and one of the creators of The PJs. Steve Tompkins is white and has never scared Matt Selman as far as I know.

  3. You never know when your useless knowledge might come in handy! Can you name the 4 previous presidential winners who lost popular votes and what happened?

    2000: GWB loses to Gore, Supreme Court finds Florida is not too close to call. Bush wins in 2004 outright.
    1888: Ben Harrison loses to Grover Cleveland. Without accomplishing much, he is beaten again by Cleveland in 92.
    1876: Rutherford B. Hayes loses to Samuel Tilden: the compromise of 1877 makes never-before heard of deal where 20 hanging electoral votes are all thrown to Hayes to make sure a republican won. In exchange, troops agree to leave the south, ending Reconstruction. Hayes, actually a pretty good guy as presidents go, was unhappy with the deal and refused to even run in 1880.
    1824: John Q. Adams wins with 30% of the vote when Jackson can’t get enough electoral votes in a needlessly crowded race. To date, it’s the only time Congress just picked a winner under the 12th Amendment. Adams would lose badly again to Jackson in 28.

    This is all useful to remind us that America is capable of making up rules to arbitrarily decide who should or shouldn’t get to be president, and that popular vote losers tend to lose again.

  4. Zachary Taylor was the one who died from eating cherries and raw milk, neither of which was a good idea back when sanitation was barely a thing. Washington DC also had open sewers at the time, so that probably didn’t help. The actual cause of death was cholera despite conspiracy theories that he’d been poisoned.

  5. I was in Da Nang last summer on holiday, and at one point I walked around shouting “Johnny! Johnny!” to myself. People thought I was crazy but I endlessly amused myself.

  6. I remember a girl in a high school free period was reading a letter/note and asked me, oh remember when we all used to write and pass notes around?
    I be like…….no?

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