Best of 2016: The Top 5 Laser Time Videos of the Year!

Laser Time has grown beyond just podcasts. See which of our custom, nerd-soaked videos made 2016 our YouTube channel’s biggest year ever!

All these week we’ll be looking back at the Laser Time Network’s best content of the year, as dictated by you, and by that we mean the raw numbers of views, clicks, downloads, etc. Stay tuned for Best of Top 5s from Laser Time, Talking Simpsons, VGMpire, Thirty Twenty Ten and the Best Laser Time videos of the year.

Laser Time’s YouTube channel: You’re as sick of hearing about as I am plugging it! But I love making original videos, and despite several incredibly time-intensive failures, we had our biggest year for videos yet. Below you’ll find Laser Time’s best performing custom creations, because it should go without saying, taking credit for success stories like Kermit singing Talking Heads songs is pretty much cheating. 

5. The Redemptive Power of Lego Dimensions

WHY THIS?! Mark 2016 down as the year video game publishers starting showing up to Laser Time HQ! Such was the case when TT Games dropped by to chat Lego Dimensions, and the exclusive look at the upcoming 80s Mini-Figs was all the excuse we needed to make something out of it. This is essentially our first hit with this talking-into-camera/I-guess-this-is-how-you-YouTube format, although both the first and latest attempts would seemingly indicate you don’t give a shit about me appearing on camera. More on that in a second.

FROM THE COMMENTS:  As a child I imagined Star Wars and Ninja Turtles lego sets and it’s nice to see other people explore some of the more interesting movies and characters of the last 30 years and create fun with them” -Chester_Cheivo

4. Ghostbusters 2016: The Videogame Stream

WHY THIS?! I’m as shocked as you are! Never estimate morbid curiosity, I s’pose. But, I mean, what red-blooded dork wasn’t curious about the world’s first non-mobile Ghostbusters game in seven years? As if the movie itself wasn’t already controversial enough (fuck off, it’s funny) Activision did a stealth launch of the related game, bypassing reviewers after not even showing off so much as a trailer. But we somehow ended up with a copy on Day One, and since most other streaming types had higher profile game business, I’m guessing Laser Time was one of the only channels out there giving folks a good long look at the game. And yes, it’s as underwhelming as you’d think. TBH, The real answer to “why?” here is probably just an accidental SEO victory due to being unable to come up with anything interesting to say about the game. 

FROM THE COMMENTS: “You guys are just so anoying” – Jedi DA [From YouTube, if that weren’t obvious]

3. Adam Sandler Loves Food!

WHY THIS?! As some of you know, I had a hard drive eat shit hard in 2016, but at least It gave me an excuse to get a spankin’ new 500 GB Solid State Drive to start fresh with. So why is it exactly that this new HDD is 60% stuffed with Adam Sandler movies? Ah yes, the endeavor that got us a nod from the Pop Culture Gods at the AV Club and gave me a profound case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Sadly, I went into this project dying to expose the laziness of Happy Madison productions and emerged with a newfound appreciation for at least 50% of the films of Adam Sandler. Other than Jack & Jill, Eight Crazy Nights, Mr. Deeds, and yes, the irredeemable amount of graceless product placement, it turns out I have a nostalgic fondness for anything Sandler’s done before Big Daddy, but even some of his worst are cut from the same inoffensive, unremarkable Hollywood pap cloth you constantly see from Seth Rosen, Kate Hudson and Emma Stone. No better, no worse, you’re just more aware of it because of Sandler himself. Let my revelation be a warning to anyone conducting investigative journalism.

FROM THE COMMENTS: “Alternate title: ‘Adam Sandler Loves Money!’” – CRB

2. NES Classic Edition – All 30 Games Reviewed!

WHY THIS?! Because it was a good idea, and although not the first video to become successful using Elston’s simple talk-to the-camera template, this NES video solidified the formula as something we should probably do more often. It was a great way to showcase a ton of great games really quickly, and let’s be honest, there will probably never be another “new release” where an LT member approaching his forties will ever be this knowledgeable on Day One.

FROM THE COMMENTS: “I just want to say, as a guy who has been here since the beginning, these videos you guys do are probably my favorite pieces of content you put out. The Castlevania timeline, the Lego Dimension vid, this one etc. are all so distinct and unique compared to the usual Youtube nonsense I find myself watching. I have nothing else to really say except I look forward to each one and thanks for doing them” – SpadeSlick

1. Final Fantasy Logos CASUALLY Explained

WHY THIS?! This is not only a wonderful to our new formula, it’s another edition of Elston’s “CASUALLY Explained” series, titled with full awareness of video games fans’ unwavering predisposition to calling everybody wrong when they know but a pithy fraction of a sentence not mentioned. Looking into the meaning of FF’s Logos is exactly what I think Laser Time does well and everything I want it to be. It’s an informal look at something deeply nerdy. It’s something mainstream sites game/entertainment sites aren’t doing, and more than anything, it reaches beyond our hardcore group of fans, most of whom apparently wouldn’t watch one of our videos if we paid them. But that’s okay. This video found an audience, more people know about Laser Time as a result of its success, and I couldn’t be happier about that… even though my immediate follow up failed harder than almost anything we’ve ever done! Speaking of which…

FROM THE COMMENTS: “Holy balls, this was a damn good video. I hope this casually explained thing becomes a regular series.” – Billy Dreamer


Before I go, I want to give a huge shoutout to Josh Anderson and Tony Wilson for the amazing help they’ve provided us on the video end here. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and here’s taking more chances in 2017!

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