Laser Time – The Best Movies & TV of 2016

This epic-length Laser Time brings together Chris, Brett, Dave, and special guest Mike Grimm as the quartet discuss their favorite movies and TV show that saved 2016 from being an utter poopshow!


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14 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best Movies & TV of 2016

  1. Interested to see what sticks out in your minds this year, I’m sure it’ll be pretty different from my favourites.

    To keep it brief, I’ll only shout out my top 5 of each medium.
    My favourite movies of 2016 were Cap Civil War, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Rogue One, Edge of Seventeen, and Doctor Strange. (Shout-outs to Don’t Breathe, The Nice Guys, La La Land, Arrival, and Miss Stevens so I don’t sound like a total mainstream whore.)
    As for TV, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Fargo, Ash vs Evil Dead, Flash, and Supergirl stand out.

    While some of Daredevil season 2 was great (particularly the Punisher centric stuff), I wouldn’t classify it as a favourite of the year, and I honestly didn’t like Luke Cage very much overall (maybe C- / C). After DD season 1 and Jessica Jones (one of my favourite parts of the whole MCU), 2016’s Netflix offerings were a bit of a let down, but 2017 is looking to make up for that so hopefully my comment on January 2018’s best of episode will be gushing about those.

  2. My Favorite films of the year include; Zootopia, Hail, Cesar! , Batman v Superman, and Boo! A Madea Halloween (Because if I can laugh and pray in 90 minutes then that is money well spent.)

    Stardew Valley took up most of my playtime last year, only because I finally got a Laptop that could run Overwatch towards then end of 2016. Telltale’s Batman is also cool, and I really want to play around in virtual SF in Watch Dogs 2.

    On that note getting to meet you all in person, and even record a Bonus Time with you was one of the few high points of my year last year! I’m looking forward to your reuniting Laser Time episode where you all bring stories of the various things you did on vacation!

  3. Saw 350 films last year, about 70 of them were 2016 releases. My top 5 2016 movies were The Handmaiden, American Honey, Manchester By The Sea, Everybody Wants Some and OJ: Made in America. Wish I loved La La Land, but I merely liked it.

    Didn’t play many games/watched many TV shows, but I loved The People vs OJ (watched on your recommendation) and Horace and Pete was pretty decent. I remember liking Season 2 of Better Call Saul but I don’t remember any of it. Overwatch is the only 2016 game I played and it’s great.

    Music? Can’t top A Tribe Called Quest’s new album.

  4. Makes me so happy hearing Kimmy Schmidt get some much needed love. Great episode as always guys. Here’s hoping for a bland, uneventful 2017. I think I will follow Grimm with his political media blackout.

  5. Well damn, this episode was a downer. I know there’s a ton of terrible things happening in the world, (Trump chief among them) but does politics really need to dominate a movie/TV discussion? There has to be a better balance of humor and politics, cuz this episode was largely humorless. That’s just my opinion. Still love this podcast.

  6. A netflix show I watched this year was Haters Back Off, a terrible name for a decent comedy. It’s weird and quirky but has some good characters. Steve Little who plays a weird geeky loser of an uncle was the only reason that made me watch it and he was great. He’s probably one of the best characters and the show is mainly set around Miranda who wants to become a singer and get Youtube famous. The most realistic part is seeing her disappointment in the pilot when she still get’s 0 views on her video. It’s nice to see some realism. If you are ok with hearing a character that has an annoying voice for 8 episodes then i’d recommend it, The ending is pretty good.

  7. The Witch is so good… love that movie, watched it three times. The ending is weirdly empowering; hail Satan!
    aaand I was pleased to hear no mention of Westworld, as that was a consistently overrated show with very silly music 🙂

    1. Overrated like The Witch, predictable, boring, lackluster.
      And then fucking critics loving sooooooooooooooo much
      Best Horror movie is years blah blah blah wank wank wank, its not even scary and all the characters suck.

  8. My favorite films of 2016 (Note: I = Indian films):

    Arrival, Batman v Superman: UE, Befikre (I), Don’t Breathe, Fan (I), Green Room, Hell or High Water, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, The Nice Guys
    Popstar, Sausage Party, Udta Punjab (I), The Witch

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