Star Tours debuts, Jackie Chan strikes first against Hank Hill and Soul Edge – Jan 6-12

This week in 1987 saw the debut of Star Tours, while 1997 kicks off with the series premiere of King of the Hill, the PlayStation beginnings of Soul Calibur and Jackie Chan’s First Strike. 2007 sees snow-covered shooter Lost Planet arrive on Xbox 360 and Eastwood’s Letters from Iwo Jima gains a wider release as Rural Juror confuses 30 Rock.

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January 9  87 – Star Tours opens. Began as a tie-in to The Black Hole. Cost $32m which is like twice what the park cost in 1955.

Golden Child still #1, been there for a couple of weeks

Assassination – Charles Bronson, Cannon Films, protecting the First Lady. Speed boats, “listen lady: the movie”

1/6/87 – Who’s The Boss airs the clip show “The Way We Was,” where the family reminisces during a snowstorm

1/6/87 – Moonlighting airs “The Straight Poop,” which is also a clip show, but utilizes a framing device where the actors are being investigated for not putting out a new episode

1/8/87 – The most convoluted proposal ever happens on the Cheers episode “Malone vs Chambers.” When Sam tells Diane about a dream where he was put to death for murdering her, she reminds him that the death penalty is unconstitutional in Massachusetts, so he tries to chase her to death. Diane presses assault and battery charges. In court, after the judge (Tom Troupe) waives bail and sets the trial for the following day, Diane—with a neck brace and cane—tells the judge about their relationship and admits that she tripped and fell while Sam was chasing her. Sam’s attorney Tom (Tom Babson) suggests that Sam propose to Diane again, and the judge agrees. Sam proposes twice in court; Diane says “okay” to keep him out of jail. After the case is dismissed, Diane takes off the brace and packs up the cane. They apologize to each other, agreeing to be engaged.

Unsurprisingly quiet, but for some reason Tengen’s Gauntlet is listed as January 1987. This begins a very interesting story between Tengen and Nintendo that involves lawsuits, reverse engineering and bad blood that lasts until 1994. Basically, Nintendo was very restrictive in the early days (partly BECAUSE of Atari, who was split off into two companies, one of them being Tengen, which is another reference to the Go board game) and Tengen wanted to negotiate a better deal – release more games (Konami/Ultra) etc, but N denied. So Tengen released unlicensed games on different carts, lawsuits etc etc

Walk like an egyptian still #1

Deep Purple – The House of Blue Light, regarded as an album where everyone’s doing good work but it’s not gelling. Out with Call of the Wild, which is the single released around this time, maybe later. Pioneers of metal, started proggy and veered into more hard rock – and inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.



Enjoy Incubus – EP that was the band’s first major label release (Epic/Immortal). Only one with parental advisory on it! Mostly older songs, coming in with Take Me To Your Leader

The Best and the Rest – Savatage??

The Relic and Turbulence release in theaters

Jackie Chan’s First Strike – Jackie’s biggest success in Hong Kong and one of the highest grossing movies there to this day. Great stunts, skiing and the ladder stuff. Released as Police Story 4: First Strike

1/6/97 – Matt Lauer replaces Bryant Gumble on the Today Show

1/6/97 – Sunset Beach, an Aaron Spelling soap opera about families living in Orange County, debuts. It would run for 750 episodes until December 1999.

1/7/97 – FOX airs Vanishing Point, a remake of the 1971 cult movie, An expectant father (Viggo Mortensen) speeds a muscle car across four states, guided by an Indian spiritualist.

1/11/97- Kevin Spacey hosts SNL, but more notably Monty Python cast members Michael Palin and John Cleese have cameos, appearing in the cold opening as well as in select sketches (at one point, Palin announces that he is “the star of TV’s Home Improvement, Tim Allen”). Near the end of the show, Cleese and Palin took over the show for one segment to perform their classic “Dead Parrot” sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

1/12/97 – King of the Hill debuts. In the first episode, Hank Hill, is accused of beating his son, Bobby, after Bobby gets a black eye from getting hit in the face with a baseball during a Little League game and rumors spread that Hank beat up a teenaged Megalo-Mart employee (when really he just yelled at him for not knowing if the store sells a tap and dye and some WD-40). Also, Luann moves in with the Hills.

1/12/97 – The Springfield Files airs; The Simpsons’ crossover with The X-Files.

1/12/97 – The 23rd annual People’s Choice Awards airs. List of winners:

1/12/97 – The WB show Kirk ends its run after 2 years and 32 episodes. This was (and presumably is) the last regular TV role for Kirk Cameron.

Soul Blade – sometime in January 1997

PS1 home version of Namco’s Soul Edge, which is the start of the Soul Calibre fighting game series. Tekken was already in its 2nd, nearly 3rd iteration so it was time to diversify with a weapons-based fighter. Can clash weapons, push back and counterattack. New costumes, new modes for the home version, not unlike Tekken 3 would see later this year.



Grave Digger, Gruff Rhys have new albums, coming in with Candylion. Gruff is the frontman for Super Furry Animals, a Welsh Psychadelic rock band

Beyonce’s Irreplaceable is still #1

Letters From Iwo Jima, Alpha Dog, Stomp the Yard all release in theaters

1/7/07 – Grease: You’re the One That I Want! debuts; an NBC reality television series designed to cast the lead roles of Sandy and Danny in the $10 million Broadway revival of the musical Grease

1/7/07 – The 6th season premiere of The Apprentice.

New this season is the LA setting (replacing NY), Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr taking over as Trump’s advisors during the boardroom scenes, and a haves vs haves not twists

Candidates must earn the right to live in the provided Beverly Hills mansion by simply winning the weekly task. Otherwise, the candidates will live in “Tent City”, a location across the hedge from the mansion’s swimming pool.

Tent City will not have any access to electricity for common living tasks and will sleep in tents, outdoors.
Tent City does have access to two tents, private (cold) showers, fresh water, alcoholic drinks, and food (and a grill on which to cook it).

1/11/07 – The 30 Rock episode The Rural Juror airs.

1/9/07 – 33rd annual Peoples Choice Awards airs. List of winners:

1/10/07 – Armed and Famous debuts on CBS;  a reality show where Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Jack Osbourne, Trish Stratus, and Wee Man became reserve police officers in Indiana. It would run for three weeks.

1/12/07 – Cory in the House debuts on the Disney Channel, about a boy who moved into the White House when his dad is hired by the president. It’s best known for being a DS game with bad box art.

Lost Planet out in Japan in Dec, rest of the world on January 12, came to PS3 in 2008

Dead Rising was Capcom’s first big “next gen” title, but LP was their entrance into shooters , big set piece action games in the style of Gears. Humans v giant bugs, great snow effects, explosions, really felt new and high tech, great multiplayer, cool weapons and strategies (shooting grenades, ziplines, I-frames etc). Constantly losing energy because of the cold.








19 thoughts on “Star Tours debuts, Jackie Chan strikes first against Hank Hill and Soul Edge – Jan 6-12

  1. Yay, a new, shorter opening song! I liked the way the first one had different sections for the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s musical styles, but it was too much by February. So many podcasts have openings that are way too long, I’m glad the guys have learned from their first year.

  2. Oh man, I’m going to be in Disneyland the day AFTER Star Tours turns 30!?
    I guess you could make the argument that the Star Tours that’s currently in the park isn’t the same Star Tours that would be celebrating its anniversary but even I’m not that die-hard about Disneyland ride logistics so I’d give it a pass.

  3. Fuck yeah Savatage, ’97 is way past my prefered era, but “Dungeon’s are Calling”, “Sirens”, and “Hall of the Mountain King” (featured in Brutal Legend) are three of my favorite albums. Just prog-rock enough, but still righteously heavy. Makes you feel fancy while headbanging.

  4. Opening song is cool! Unexpected, but totally makes sense. With 52 (or 53-54 counting wrap-up and April Fools) episodes a year, I’m all for changing it up for a new season if y’all feel like it.

    The Springfield Files is a beloved episode of mine. Like Dave, I had seen it before watching the X-Files, but I still enjoyed it a lot. My sister (who would later get me into X-Files itself) was able to sort of relay the references to me in the way that Chris and others have talked about their parents explaining older film references on Simpsons. Going back to the episode after having seen the whole show twice (and some seasons/episodes more than that), I love the Simpsons episode even more now.

  5. Love the new song and its brevity.

    For reasons I cannot understand, I have seen Flags of Fathers and not Letters from Iwo Jima. I blame AMC or TCM or TNT back when I had cable for showing one and not the other.

  6. motherfucker, The Relic trailer irks me like mad. It was the first time I noticed that a trailer can manipulate people. The old man citing “the gradual extinction of the human race” was TOTALLY out of context, and had nothing to do with the monster. It was one of my first experiences noticing i was being fooled.

    I also read the sequel, Reliquary, are not good in retrospect, fuck that book. it made me hate books!!

  7. Alpha Dog was so…weird. The random Jason Statham-esque fight scene in the middle of the movie, and the shocking twist at the end really soured me on this movie. Saw it in theaters, too. SMH.

  8. Love the new intro! But I would like to address Dave’s comment about King of the Hill not needing to be animated. If you know anything about cinematography, if King of the Hill were live action it would be the MOST EXPENSIVE SHOW ON TV. Despite its tepid tone and drab color palette, it is a lavishly shot show and uses tons of locations. It’s shot like a Cohen Brothers movie. And not to mention the cast. If it weren’t animated you wouldn’t have six people playing fifty characters. A whole new cast, especially with that many characters, would drastically change everything about the show. Sorry to rant, but this kind of thinking is what leads to American animation being 90% for babbies! You could also say Blankets or Maus don’t need to be comic books. I still love you, Dave!

    1. Oh, and the guest stars! Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Willie Nelson and tons more. You’re not getting them to the Fox lot for TWICE what they must’ve been paid to do a voice role.

  9. Good call on the shorter theme song. While the old one is better, this one gets us to the podcast faster. Also, that Soul Blade intro was and still is the shit.

  10. Alpha dog is based on the murder of Nicholas Markowitz I know this because I grew up with some of the people convicted with the murder. It happened in my hometown of Santa Barbara California. The movie had to be sent in another town because Jesse James Hollywood hadn’t gone to trial yet. Love the show and the new intro.

  11. Man, you guys have opened up a can of worms by bringing up Soul Blade’s name change. The name was changed from Soul Edge to avoid incurring licensing fees or potential litigation from notorious trademark troll and developer of third-rate Garfield games, Tim Langdell.

    For years he claimed ownership over the term ‘Edge’ with regards to video gaming, at one point Future was licensing the name for EDGE magazine. It all came to a head when he claimed EA was infringing the trademark by releasing Mirror’s Edge (not to mention conflicting with ‘Mirrors by Edge’, a non-existent game he claimed he was developing). EA didn’t roll over as easily as the mobile developers he was harassing and ended up getting the trademark stripped from him.

    It’s a fascinating story, there’s plenty more information on Wikipedia and around the internet.

  12. I think that King of the Hill might have more good episodes than The Simpsons. The Simpsons steal reaches higher highs, but KotH is just so consistently delightful for it’s entire run. And I always thought that it did a very good job of making peace between Liberal and Conservative ideas, without resorting to South Park’s “everyone is wrong, nothing matters” attitude.

  13. **CORRECTION**
    The first African-American senator was Hiram Revels, elected in 1870 from Mississippi. Please update in next episode.

    1. Shoot – did I not say “since Reconstruction”? I thought I did, but I do tend to talk really fast and get scattered doing Classic Corner. You’re right – there was Revels and Blanche Bruce first.
      Sidenote: I can’t think of any movies about the experiences of black legislators during Reconstruction, and there really should be. The push for integration and representation, and the Jim Crow backlash after, is interesting. And depressing. Deprintressing.

  14. I think the new opening is okay but I liked that the old one reflected all three eras, which this one doesn’t.

    I think it’s missing a bit of that.

  15. Star Wars Rebels made the Star Tours pilot droid canon it its second episode, and yes, he’s voiced by Paul Reubens. Rebels is a pretty fun show, but that alone makes it all worthwhile.

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