Talking Simpsons – The Front

The Simpsons gets very inside in this episode about writing cartoons, while Homer goes back to school to complete his high school education. We cover all this wonky episode in our newest podcast…


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Front

  1. I don’t know about Steve Bennet but I’m pretty sure Lisa picked “Lois Sanborn” after David Sanborn who is also a saxophonist and was often on Letterman.

  2. I’ll agree that this episode has problems, but I’m more with Chris that I still *like it,* mainly because of the absurdity of some of its jokes. Homer going to high school DEFINITELY should have been its own episode, but I still enjoy this one on its own.

  3. I never knew there was an actual Sambo cartoon, I just thought they were referencing stuff like Bosko which was still kind of racist but got shown on Nickelodeon for a surprisingly long time. And yeah, Ub Iwerks’s cartoons were nuts. Balloon Land gave me nightmares when I was little.

  4. The idea that they got an idea while doing a commentary for a DVD for a show that started in the late 80’s, when CDs still hadn’t completely taken over, to do an episode in the upcoming 14th season, which was several seasons after I had given up watching in disgust, and that was over a decade ago now, and the show is still going on, blows my mind. It’s unbelievable how long the Simpsons has been going, and we’re just about halfway through the seasons that I think are even decent. I bought the DVDs through season 8 as they came out, but didn’t bother getting 9 or later, so I looked at season 9 at Best Buy the other day, for 10 bucks, and remembering the episodes from their first run I thought it still wasn’t worth it. I wonder what Talking Simpsons will be like after season 8, will they find some good that I don’t remember?

  5. Conan’s right, John S. doesn’t look half-bad in this staff photo from season 4 (based on Conan, no Sam Simon). John is next to George Meyer, towards the back (maybe the best two writers on the show). Also notable from this photo (besides Conan): Daniel Stern is on the far right, looking vaguely like his brother, and Future Drop Dead Gorgeous writer Lona Williams was an assistant in the front row (she also voiced Amber Dempsey and Truong Van Dinh).

    1. It’s weird seeing Mike Reiss in The Front, since I’ve only ever seen him as a skinny guy. I guess he really was that big back in the early 90s. I also spotted an incredibly baby-faced Oakley and Weinstein between Reiss and Conan!

  6. Hi guys, always enjoy hearing your thoughts about my favorite show!

    As much as I enjoy going through these and listening to them all when I work, I do admit getting a bit exhausted over the over critical, nitpicking – anger that you express on some of these lately. I get not liking some jokes or maybe some things not meeting up to par, but is it necessary to be that angry and dress down the writers/animators of the show over it? It’s kind of disheartening because we’re in the rising peak of the show and every week there seems to be an overabundance of criticism after criticism over the smallest thing when there are plenty of jokes, comic spots that energy could be focused on.

    Maybe I’m just a sensitive old lady but this has grown to be my favorite podcast of the past year and a half, bumping off a lot of older favorites off my playlist(s). It’s just tiring to hear overt negativity over trivial matter that could maybe be overlooked instead of over analyzed.

    But I still love the show and the entire lasertime network! Hope you have a swell 2017 and beyond. Bless you all.

    Warm regards,

    Janey D.

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