Zelda II 30th birthday live stream – part two

We’ve tackled the first palace, nabbed the down thrust and wrapped up a few other loose ends – now it’s time to really make some progress!

(Stream’s over! Here’s the archive) The stream begins at 3pm Pacific, and you can watch along here OR over on our Twitch page. Why stream Zelda II at all? Because it just turned 30 years old and we’re gonna talk about it on this week’s Thirty Twenty Ten!

If you happen to own an NES Classic Edition or just feel like playing Zelda II again, consider looking up my friend’s thorough walkthrough!

One thought on “Zelda II 30th birthday live stream – part two

  1. Love these segments; as well as the Vs series. The combination of knowledge, nostalgia and banter; really entertaining.

    I don’t know the specifics of your MLG Machine, but I’m wondering if you couldn’t just use another controller like the PS4 or Xbox One they’re dpad is much better. I’m assuming the current set up is 360 which if it is, good god how is anything I’m seeing possible.

    Anyway, just a quick word to say you efforts are appreciated. Have a good day.

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