Zelda II, Beverly Hills Ninja and 24 hours of Pan’s Burning Crusade – Jan 13-19

The first Zelda sequel hit Japan this week in 87, but in 97 the whole world saw Chris Farley’s Beverly Hills Ninja. Then in 2007 Pan’s Labyrinth got a wider release and Jack Bauer returned for a sixth season, while millions experience World of Warcraft’s first major expansion.


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20 thoughts on “Zelda II, Beverly Hills Ninja and 24 hours of Pan’s Burning Crusade – Jan 13-19

  1. Despite loving Hellboy and Hellboy 2, I didn’t end up seeing Pan’s Labyrinth until 2014 in a first year film studies course I took as an elective. It ended up probably being my favourite film we watched in that class, and I’m glad I was finally pushed to see it. More recently, back in October, I watched The Devil’s Backbone and that was also a nice treat. Del Toro doing The Hobbit would have been a much better adaptation than what we got, but I guess that’s how things work out sometimes. I’d love to see him tackle a Marvel or DC movie some day.

  2. Pan’s Labyrinth was something which I wanted to see but somehow didn’t see until a few years later on dvd. It is something I really need to revisit. I saw it with an awesome lady who until recently was my longest relationship though we remain friends. It was a late night session of movies after having driven nearly 3 hours to visit her. Despite being completely exhausted this movie completely engrossed me. I might have to order it as its worth owning a copy of it!

    I had already commented on the Zelda II article but the short of it is for me it was my favorite Zelda for a long time which admittedly is not likely to be a popular opinion. I still would have been extremely young at the time, it had a shiny gold case, and it was challenging and my first action rpg as opposed to turn based (Dragon Quest would have been my first). It also was the game which became corrupted somehow and not only ruined my save file after having made it to the final temple, but was so corrupted that even new games would not load properly with several errors like starting with random abilities.

    Naked Truker and T Bone was somethign I wanted to love as well and remember finding funny in an almost absurd way. I have tried referencing it to friends of mine and I’m usually rewarded with blank stares.

    Enjoyed the Cruxshadows reference ^^ might have to revisit that again too!

    Also 10 years since WoW burning Crusade? I had deactivated my account shortly before this came out as it was interfering with college, but I really wanted to play the expansion as it dealt with the Dark Portal which was so critical to WC2. This led to not only buying the expansion, but reactivating my account for only a few short months. I did enjoy it but came to the conclusion a second time that it was too time demanding for someone who was trying to improve her GPA. Sounds like the boring choice but I did improve my grades, got into grad school and now teach high school so it was probably the right choice lol.

  3. Omg I forgot to mention the Pretzel Money Episode! I can’t even count how many times I’ve quoted “Where’s the money, when are you going to get the money, why aren’t getting the money now?” Anytime I’ve ever lent anyone money I wind up quoting it. I’m sure its extremely annoying but I can’t help but laugh, and if they don’t get the Pretzel Money reference they deserve to be annoyed. I also wind up quoting “they’ll kill you five times before you hit the ground” as well.

  4. Ok, rant time.

    Just because people have different preferences than you, I.E. prefer physical releases, that is not a reason to use your show as a platform to shit on them.

    If your first instinct is to make fun of people’s preferences, you should not be in the games industry.

    If your first instinct is to tell people “like it or lump it”, you should not be in the games industry.

    *Especially* considering how shitty Nintendo’s digital system is and how your games are tied to your system. If it breaks or gets stolen, they are GONE. Why the fuck would anyone advocate for this or think it’s a good idea?

    I listen to this show because it’s entertaining. I do not listen to it to be shit on because I have different preferences than you.

    As far as I’m concerned, Chris, Dave and Bret all owe people an apology for being condescending assholes and outright cunts about this.

    1. I don’t recall directly shitting on people for preferring physical releases… I mean I’m sure we/I stated our preferences strongly, and maybe that came off as putting other people down? I don’t recall exactly what everyone said but I definitely don’t remember being an asshole about it?? It’s possible, so apologies if we came off extra salty or judgmental. I’ll listen to it again and make note of it.

    2. I didn’t take it as condescending at all, and seeing the fits people would throw at companies like Capcom for this, I get why you’d be pissed off to have to be on the receiving end of things. Even if you perceive the statements from them as rude, I feel like that’s only because they’ve worked in an industry where people send death threats because they dislike an minor or insignificant part of a thing they “like”.

  5. I’m going to be THAT guy. Apologies in advance.

    Majora’s Mask, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks are direct sequels. The Oracle games are sequels to each other. Apparently Link’s Awakening is also a direct sequel if you really care about the timeline but it doesn’t really matter. I guess you can argue Wind Waker is a direct sequel to HALF of a game?

    (I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just saw the new Breath of the Wild trailer and now I’ve reverted to being an obnoxious Zelda fan until I get the hype out of my system and revert back to being a kind of productive member of society.)

    1. Meant sequel to the original Legend of Zelda. Not sequel at all, to any game in the series. Pretty sure on the ol’ timeline Zelda II is the end of the line for one of those paths?

  6. Guys, there is no Zelda timeline. Beyond the direct sequel that is Zelda II, there are no connections between the games. Even Miyamoto doesn’t think about the games that way. The whole timeline thing is obviously something that was cobbled together after the fact to get fans more invested in the games. It’s just the same story interpreted in different ways, over and over again. It’s an easy way of telling a simple, good vs. evil story. Breath of the Wild seems to have more voice acting, though, which I’m sure will shit all over that simplicity and ruin things the same way Other M shat all over Metroid.

  7. I was wondering when you guys would get to talk about Scrubs. I’ve recently introduced it to my wife and we’ve been binging it on Nexflix. My friends and I from high school used to watch it a lot to the point where we could quote multiple lines of dialogue. I might even go as far as to say it was our Simpsons.

  8. It’s weird hearing you guys speak somewhat fondly of Zelda II, because when I was a kid and that game came out, I didn’t know a single person who didn’t hate it. Everyone I knew got it, played it, scratched their heads and gave a big WTF?

    The Hitcher remake was… okay. Pretty much a beat for beat remake of the original, but with a slight change with the protagonists (a young couple instead of one young man in the original). No reason to see it; the original is much better, and kinda crazy. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

    And I know I’m on an island with this, but I though Pan’s Labyrinth was crap. I really thought it was dull, melodramatic, and just plain overwrought. But then, I’m just not a fan of Del Toro in general. To me, he’s right up there with Quentin Tarantino as one of the most over rated directors of all time. I “like” some of his movies (Hellboy 2 is probably his best), but for the most part, he does nothing for me.

  9. Surprised to hear about Critical Condition turning 30 years old. My family knew the executive producer on that movie Bob Larson My dad was best friends with his son and we would always spend Christmas eve with their family. He produced many better films and worked on some classics too. He executive produced Coal Miners Daughter and Play Misty for Me which was Clint Eastwood’s first directing job and also stars Lucile Bluth herself Jessica Walters. As a production manager he worked on movies like Spartacus, Coogan’s Bluff, The Killers and Sorcerer to name a few. Sadly he passed away last month but lived a very long and fulfilling life.

    With that said, thank you guys for continuing the show. It’s been a blast listening to it and having a ton of memories flash back. Keep up the great work!

  10. Obviously it turned out fine for him, but at the time I was really annoyed that Emmanuel Lubezki’s work in Children of Men didn’t win the cinematography Oscar over Guillermo Navarro for Pan’s Labyrinth. Not that Pan had terrible cinematography or anything, but Children of Men’s cinematography was such an achievement that it was pretty ridiculous that it lost because bunch of academy members conflated art direction, visual effects, and makeup with cinematography. Of course Lubezki had to console himself with a BAFTA, multiple society of cinematography awards, and winning best cinematography awards multiple times a few years later.

  11. I just wanted to point out one cool bit of trivia for that musical episode of Scrubs: it was co-written by Robert Lopez, better known as co-creator of The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, and co-writer with his wife of the music in Frozen.

    Also, I will respectfully disagree with Diana and say I really thought Children of Men deserved the Best Cinematography Oscar over Pan’s Labyrinth, although by only the slimmest of margins. And I’m not just saying that because of the long, unbroken shots.

    I’ll also corroborate people mistakenly thinking Pan’s Labyrinth was a children’s movie. I saw it with my buddy/roommate at the time and the only people in the theater besides us were a Spanish-speaking mom and her son who couldn’t have been older than 5 or 6. I think they left when the guy gets his faced bashed in with a wine bottle.

  12. Oh, and I seem to be in the weird minority with this, but I really can’t stand Hellboy 2 but love Hellboy. Hellboy 2 had too much of del Toro’s own creations in it and I just didn’t think it worked well with the Hellboy stuff.

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