Talking Simpsons – Whacking Day

We meet Superintendent Chalmers for the first time, Bart gets home schooled, and Lisa battles against animal cruelty in one of season 4’s best episodes! Listen along to hear our podcast thoughts…


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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Whacking Day

  1. I love the Whacking Day episode so much.
    It’s quite impossible to insult an irish man. unless you go to a local pub and find that one guy who bad with drinking and anything you say will make him want to fight you.

  2. Not to be “That Guy” or anything, but, regarding the Barry White conversation, if you see a parody of a soul singer having to wipe off their forehead during a performance, it’s actually a parody of James Brown. Brown’s whole thing is that he would be singing SO soulfully that he would exert himself to the point of exhaustion, including fainting on stage and being carried off by stage hands before jumping back up and resuming the song, and other similar affectations to his act.

  3. This episode is awesome. “I am evil Homer!” and Hitler’s response to Abe’s fake bust became a part of my regular vocabulary after many repeat viewings. I totally forgot about Homer’s assault of the referee, but I love how cruel and downplayed it is.

    Good thing they’d take the idea of Bart going to a Christian school and expand it into a full episode in season 16…

  4. As far as I know, “bairn” means child, and frequently a small one, like “wee bairn.” I don’t think Wiliie was in bed with a child, like it sounded when Hank said bairn. Maybe he was thinking of bird, instead.

  5. I assumed Grandpa’s joke about wearing a dress during the 1940’s was a direct reference to the story of men dressing up as women to avoid the draft, which they later repeat when Grandpa says he played women’s baseball during World War 2 to avoid the draft (of course he eventually wound up fighting in WW2 anyway, but dressing up as a woman for the first couple of years of the war can still make chronological sense, the US was in it for about four years)

    Also you misidentified the people next to Hitler, it was claimed it was Goebbels and Himmler which is wrong because both of those men were relatively slim instead of the two big dudes flanking Hitler in that scene. Rather to Hitler’s right (scene left) is Hermann Goering who was commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe (and also frequently parodied by the West and Soviets because of his fat figure) and to Hitler’s left is Italian dictator Benito Mussolini (as can be distinguished by his lighter uniform color and his ostentatious fez hat). Generally if you ever see a fat guy next to Hitler, it’s either one of them.

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