2 thoughts on “Zelda II 30th birthday stream – Part Three

  1. Zelda is one of the few Nintendo franchises i just do not give a fudgie about.
    I wanted to but once I tried to learn the lore only to find it didnt make sense
    And playing the difficult and not fun 3ds games and wind waker

    I was out plus my favorite (four swords) no one else seems to like

  2. The lore is silly only when people try to cram every single game into a timeline, IMO… it CAN make sense that way, but it’s a stretch and you end up with several games in “well this could go anywhere’ conditions. But, several are directly connected so it’s possible to dig into the lore of a handful of them, like Wind Waker – Phantom – Spirit Tracks, or Ocarina – Majora, or even Minish Cap – Four Swords Adventures.

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