Black Dynamite – Monday Night Movie

As voted upon by our lovely Patrons, everyone who can be here at 6PM PACIFIC, Monday Jan. 23rd damn sure should, because we’re gonna watch one of the greatest comedies of the last ten years. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the kinda late, yet wonderfully timeless blacksploitation parody BLACK DYNAMITE…

NOTE: It’s the LIVE-ACTION 2009 version, not the Adult Swim cartoon.

UPDATE: BLACK DYNAMITE STREAM IS OVAAAA! Get your audio/video commentary on Patreon, or audio commentary on Laser Time’s Bandcamp.

This movie was decided upon by Laser Time Patrons, who also have access to ALL previous Monday Night Movie commentaries, in addition to an exclusive weekly podcast and other premium goodies. Please consider joining Laser Time’s Patreon, it’s how we survive! After the live recording, you may pick up this or any commentary a la carte over on Laser Time’s Bandcamp page.

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