Laser Time – Entertaining Mergers and Crazy Aquisitions

From wacky circus stories to game companies seeking second players to wrestling companies forming tag teams, we dive into the rich history of mergers and the entertainment that’s been made (or cancelled) as a result.


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21 thoughts on “Laser Time – Entertaining Mergers and Crazy Aquisitions

  1. I hope Capcom and Nintendo can hold out for my lifetime. I’m sure Disney or Universal would manage their characters well, but it would seriously bum me out.

  2. Disney having Marvel and Star Wars has worked out perfectly, but with rumors about AT&T buying Time Warner (and thus WB. DC, and CNN) I am super nervous about how that would play out.

  3. My girlfriend’s into animal rights, so she’s happy Ringling is shutting down, but I think it’s sad that such an old American institution is going away.

    Grimm’s attempt at a joke about Black Lagoon 4 made me wonder what the first sequel that used numbers in the title was. Jaws 2? There were plenty of sequels before, but they had different titles instead of just numbering them.

  4. I get this might not have been the best episodes for everyone. But thank you for this, it was really informative. Some of these i knew of but, going into the Square – (soft) merger I never dove into it. I really loved this 🙂
    Also as a none driver I knew way too much about the cars section with Grim, I’ve no idea why. Though i didn’t know about the Volvo now being owned by the Chinese, I always thought it was Swedish owned or Volkswagen owned.
    It makes sense though, the used to be built like tanks now not so much. I never put two and two together.

    Again great episode!

  5. Disney buying Nintendo would be the worst thing that could happen to them, Capcom more so.

    Disney doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to the video game business. They’ve already exited it twice, destroying talented studios along the way. Hell, Disney Infinity was MAKING money, but it just wasn’t making ALL the money, so they’d rather shutter the entire business than build on it.

    I don’t think a company that risk-averse would stomach a failure on the level of the Wii U, or even half of the games that appeared on it. If a Disney-owned Capcom launched a product that flopped as hard as SFV then chances are they’d go the same way as Avalanche and Lucasarts before them.

  6. Don’t forget how Majesco went from being a mid-tier game publisher to a subsidiary of big pharmaceutical!

    Man y’know I’ve been thinking about paying in to the patreon, and this episode rightfully kicked me into doing it. I expected an hour of Disney X Marvel and Activision-Blizzard, but Chris’s history of the circus and wrestling, and Brett’s whole videogame segment, was a TORRENTIAL NAPALM-STRIKE of secret knowledge!

    I could’ve even listened to a longer version of this, I think TV channels, food companies, conspiracy theorists and the differences between being independent/owned are a goldmine.

    LG stood for Lucky Goldstar???

  7. Fascinating episode. Speaking of mergers, I’ve been trying to put the over/under on Talking Simpsons becoming affiliated with Fandom somehow now that Bob and Henry work for that site. A lot of the trivia and minutia you guys are compiling could fit into the Simpsons wiki. I know it’s probably a non-issue since LaserTime is independent and there are lots of examples of podcasts getting negatively tied up in the politics of corporate websites…but I like starting baseless rumours.

    1. I’m pretty sure any trivia and minutia they use on Talking Simpsons can already be found on the Simpsons wiki.

      1. Some of it is. But Chris has mentioned multiple times that he’s trying to track a comprehensive list of every minor one-off character Phil Hartman played on the show, and the wiki only mentions his biggest roles (Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, Lyle Lanley).

  8. I’ve been wanting Nintendo to buy either Capcom or Konami for awhile now. And I have trouble deciding which I’d want to happen more.

    On the one hand, buying Capcom would just give Nintendo access to way more character as franchises. But on the other hand, buying Konami might be the only way for any of a bunch of my favorite franchises to ever get real video games again.

    The real benefit to either of these though is of course…for the Smash Bros. We’ve already had Snake, Mega Man and Ryu in Smash. Gimmie Arthur, Rad Spencer, Strider, Haggar, Zero, Viewtiful Joe, Amaterasu, Jill Valentine, Morrigan, Dante, Palico, Phoenix Wright, Simon Belmont, Bill Rizer, Goemon, Bonk and Bomberman!

    1. And then, add a Captain N costume for the Mii Gunner, because you’ll already have Kid Icarus, Mega Man and Simon Belmont in the same game.

  9. I’ve been kind of hoping for the past 4 years or so that at the very least, Nintendo should acquire all the forgotten but good IPs like Mega Man because I feel that they would find the developers that would be able to make games for those IPs. Or outright buy out Capcom. I feel that Nintendo would be better capable of managing that company. Also, having Monster Hunter being a Nintendo IP would be boss!

  10. Not related, but going back to naughty Christmas music, I think you should know, Chris (fuck Henry). Millionaire makes lots of “horny” songs.

    Listen to half the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt OST and you’d know.

    I recommend “D City Rock.”

    So… you find that show, and it’s about a couple of angels that fight demons… but Panty is a gigantic fucking slut, and Garterbelt is a child-molesting priest. Stocking is pretty normal, but later revealed to be a masochist that enjoys being tied up.

  11. Thankfully the internet (and sites like this) will make a home for the last vestiges of truly independent entertainment. This episode is equal parts fascinating and deeply depressing.

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