Talking Simpsons – Marge In Chains

As flu ravages Springfield, Marge gets arrested and Lionel Hutz has a tour de force in the court room. And Marge spends a few minutes in jail as we drop some real history on you in this week’s podcast…


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44 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Marge In Chains

  1. I am questioning my monthly Patreon pledge as the negativity and hate continues. Henry continues to gleefully wish death upon people.

    These political rants and forcing connections or jokes constantly is toxic to the quality of LT shows.

    I am not asking for complete censorship, by all means continue to use Bonus Time for those stories and feelings. I have a hard time reccomending this show to fellow simpsons fans because they would come for Simpsons commentary and recieve death wishes, hate and soapbox speeches that are irrelavent to the Simpsons.

    Love LaserTime and want to continue to support for years, please be considerate and spread love.

    1. I’m personally not in America and I don’t have a stance on this stuff, but yeah I can agree with this.
      It’s interesting that the Simpsons episodes are a time capsule that exist between headlines of the 1990’s, but Talking Simpsons is now also a time capsule by accident. You guys will often throw in a one-liner about how depressed and defeated you are at the beginning and end, but in a couple years that’ll just make you sound like maniacs!

      Talking Simpsons is a pretty evergreen concept, it’s a nice companion-piece to Simpsons episodes that would still be funny in 2030. It’s really bizarre to be so outspoken about how much you hate Donald Trump in this style of show.
      On 30-20-10 maybe it would be very relevant, but here??

    2. Yeah they’re not going to stop. If you expect a perfectly curated episode without their general opinions, its not going to happen. They’re having a conversation, not reading from a script. Bob has gotten harassed before about comments regarding John Stossel, and he still hates him and talks about him.

      Also this is free. Why would they care if you’re offended that they don’t like Trump? I’ll take a page from the newest comment board lingo I hear with every complaint regarding Trump. “Have a warm cup of milk snowflake, I hope your tender little feelings don’t get hurt by the big bad man having an opinion you don’t like” Cue more comments about you getting a job etc, safe spaces from Simpsons trivia shows etc, libtards etc.

      Seems apropos.

    3. I understand why you want to keep the politics out of the Simpsons podcast, but I’m at the point where I can’t ask anyone to be quiet about fascism. I understand that these podcasts are a product of the era they record in, and with every passing day Trump’s government & followers get closer and closer to being 1930s Germany. One of the biggest mistakes people could make is to stop talking about it. Even as a Canadian, I am never going to complain about hearing it. People need to be vigilant every day, and in hour long Simpsons episodes, I don’t care if it comes up. Love is needed to defeat hate (and that’s why the marches are great), but anger and Nazi punching are going to happen.

      Not trying to be rude or belittle your opinions, as I said I completely understand why it would get tiresome. OBVIOUSLY if you don’t like it you have every right to voice that frustration and amend your Patreon pledge accordingly. I’m not going to say there’s any right/wrong in feeling that way, but I do not mind hearing the venting here.

      1. Hello fellow Canadian. Nice to see some much needed positivity on here.

        The only thing I will add is that if you don’t like the political stuff, too bad. Safe spaces where people were burying their heads in is what got America into the cluster fuck it’s currently in.

        1. I replied to that before I got to the political comment that inspired these posts, so my bad for assuming it was directed at Trump.

    4. Grow up. Don’t hold your $5 a month hostage to try and make California liberals who make hours of free content per week behave in just the way you want. If you don’t think 4 seasons worth of this show alone isn’t worth a small amount then cancel, and I’ll up my donation to make up for yours but don’t sit there and try to threaten them over “hateful rants” like it’s some regular and extensive thing they do every episode for 20 minutes at a time.

  2. The reason some people didn’t like Jimmy Carter back in the day is that he supplied weapons to Indonesia while it was invading East Timor and during this invasion they committed mass genocides and ethnic cleansing that was on par with the holocaust. He was fully aware of the invasion and did nothing about it. He was so feeble and feckless at preventing it that hours after US delegates and ambassadors visited Indonesia the government still launched the invasion directly after meeting with them. And during the invasion there were Australian journalists covering the events who were then murdered by the Indonesian army and so to some degree Jimmy Carter was responsible for the countless civilian casualties and war crimes that took place. One of the reasons we don’t hear about this much is because it occurred within the same time as the Cambodian atrocities that received way more press than East Timor.

    1. He also supported Pol Pot with money and arms shipments. And the Saudi Royal family. And the Afghanistan mujahideen even before the Soviets invaded. Just because he did a lot of good after his Presidency doesn’t mean he’s not equally of deserving to burn in hell, Bush Sr. did far less evil than Jimmy Carter did all things considered.

  3. The infomercial for the orange juicer is one of those bits I always remember or quote, but never connect to being with this episode. I wish there was a bit more meat to the idea of Marge in prison, but the episode does have a lot of good gags (from no tie at all to the crocodile in the toilet eating Abe’s teeth) so I can deal with it. I had a damn fun time rewatching it.

  4. Feels almost weird to talk about the episode after all these comments, but…

    “He’s history’s greatest monster!” is another in the long line of quotes used in my household, and one of the very few that my wife has adopted.

  5. Brett @ 9:35 – “You gotta take it if you’re gonna give it.”

    ^ Sagely advice that all creators should take to heart.

  6. I’d say it’s pretty unreasonable to expect a podcast about the Simpsons to stay on topic and/or stay somewhat positive. Surely, you jest.
    (Even left a nice Shirley softball there. )

  7. I don’t know what everyone is so mad about, I think this was the best episode of Talking Trump so far. Here’s to another terrific eight years!

  8. Well I, for one, enjoyed the episode. I still use “It’s whisper quiet!!!” to this day, so I’m glad to hear it getting some love from others as well. Keep on doing what you guys are doing. There are always going to be a handful of people getting pissed off about something and they are always more vocal than the people who enjoy the podcast.

  9. Sadly have to agree with Slider and Tom on this one. The political crosstalk has been getting a bit out of hand lately and that’s not what I listen to Laser Time for. It’s their podcast and they can do what they want with it, but they should be aware some people just don’t want to deal with politics at all. Still a good episode when it didn’t go down those places, though.

    As a suggestion, if any extended political tangents occur, would it be possible to put in a “skip ahead” timer in post-editing so the people who want to avoid it can be forewarned? If LT feels strongly about these issues, I don’t necessarily want them to stop, but I don’t want the podcast’s quality to be bogged down by it either. A skip timestamp might be the best compromise so they can voice their opinions while listeners who prefer to avoid it know when it’s coming. What does anyone else think of this idea? It’s alright if anyone tells me to shut it, I just wanted to get that suggestion out there.

  10. How the hell can you be a fan of anything Laser Time, even enough to donate money, and not get that these guys are all very liberal and have no compunction of hiding that fact? I know you guys won, but please don’t censor yourself, anyone who disagrees with you politically wouldn’t censor themselves if you complained, they’d mock you and call you a cuck or some bullshit like that.

    1. Can’t talk for anyone else, but I enjoy their political talk. I’m almost but not quite as liberal as they are. On occasion, there are things I don’t agree with, but none of it stops me from enjoying their podcasts. They really are the best. That said, I find myself enjoying Henry’s contribution less and less. I largely don’t disagree with his politics, but his anger with the world, and people who do disagree with him, which seems to be growing week by week is starting to make me worried. Maybe I’m too tender and mild, but I don’t think it should be so easy and casual, wishing death on other human beings.

      But for all I know, this is all a character he’s playing for the microphone. If that’s the case, well done. Very convincing.

      1. I think Grimm’s increasing appearances on Laser Time leads to more cynicism in general, and Henry gets on his high horse a lot every time he’s on a show. This episode seemed really annoying to me too, it wasn’t just anti-Trump, I don’t mind some political talk from the guys, but this show was just off-putting to me.

  11. Seriously need to stop having Henry on Talking Simpsons until he gets his own shit taken care of. If you want to wish multiple deaths on people out of SPITE and drop in snide comments all over the episodes, maybe he should host a DIFFERENT SHOW that talks about about that stuff, not in a show about the Simpsons. I’m glad he’s not on 3T anymore for that reason.

  12. I love you guys
    I love Henry SO MUCH and miss him and wish he was on more shows
    Get as off topic ass you like, some of the best moments happen in tangents.

    Please don’t wish death on anyone even as a joke or sarcasm.

  13. An Apology:

    Hi everyone! So, this has turned into a bit of a controversy in the comments here. And I just want to say: I’m sorry for my comments at the end of this episode.

    If it wasn’t clear on the episode, it was recorded the evening of the Inauguration. I was in a very negative mood, and made a shitty comment at the end about the Bush family. No excuses, a crappy failure at humor that made people uncomfortable, even people who are used to my increasingly angry liberal raving on these shows.

    Making listeners uncomfortable is the opposite of my goals when recording podcasts. I thank all of you for putting up with my bullshit in these dark times, and for nicely letting me know that what I said wasn’t acceptable.

    My deepest apologies to anyone out there who were disappointed in my appearance on this week’s episode. I will try to do better in future episodes.

    1. For what it’s worth this is very big of you. This isn’t a fun time for many people; lots of uncertainty and concerning things going on. I think, for myself at least, the reason I turn in for these podcasts, Twitch streams and what have you is to get a break from the constant news and Facebook feeds and tweets. It’s all encompassing, and for at least a little bit I can forget all that and listen in on a group of friends talking about good things they’re passionate about. And that is a very good thing.
      /end lame rant

    2. I took the death wish thing “Oy, I wish I was dead” as a joke and I’m surprised people were offended by it. Of course I wish great
      evil upon people who cut me off in traffic, so perhaps my sense of humor is a bit dark. Nice of you to apologize though.

      I personally feel just as negative and unhappy lately as you, but I’m not a minority in anyway. I can’t imagine your very justified fear of persecution and such.

      The only recent improvement to my mood was when my 7 year told me I look like McBain when I flexed my muscles. Not just for the complement, but that any 7 year old knew who McBain was.

    3. I truly appreciate Henry taking the time to address his comments. We will get through the four years together with love.

    4. Hey I’d even say I DO LIKE the political talk on Bonus Time and 30-20-10, I just thought Talking Simpsons wasn’t the right place!

      Let’s all relax about this stuff, sorry if I was inciting an argument up top, it was a great show as always.

    5. Thanks Henry. Talk shit about Trump and his current fascist (not a joke: they are actual fascists, look up what defines “fascism”) government all you want as the world needs to be fully aware what the government is doing, but comments about crappy other presidents seem utterly outdated and tame now.

  14. I thought Bob and Henry watched the Comening, the final episode of “The Heart, She Holler” where Jimmy Carter’s “Malaise Speech” was played twice at the same time! Carter was probably a feckless president in quite a few ways, as his predecessors certainly didn’t help things with the Cold War fervor and the meddling with democratic governments. He certainly didn’t do that much to clean those very huge messes.
    Anyway regarding the speech, listening to it outside of the context makes me think a lot about current times, especially with a Congress that continues to undermine the will of the American people, telling certain groups what they can and cannot do from their bodies, the education they can receive, and the economic opportunities they could seek. America elected a president that does little to embiggen our citizenry, choosing to belittle the most unfortunate of them, stripping away the confidence, the trust we have in each other. Whether or not you support or are very against him, you have to realize the effect his words and actions have on us. Jimmy Carter was probably “tone deaf” as that newscaster said about that speech, but you’ll have to study its meaning in our polarized world.

  15. I have to agree with the general sentiment here.

    In Canada, everybody I know was brought up to think that wishing people dead was just not a very nice thing to do, no matter who it is.

    I don’t why americans seem so uncivilised all of the sudden, but death wishes are not why I listen to a Simpsons podcast and if things like this keep up, I will be finding a different Simpsons podcast to listen to.

    This is not about conservative vs. liberal, this is about not being an asshole and showing respect for other people, especially when they’re ill.

  16. Enjoyed the show, didn’t take the death wish too seriously, understood it is a heated time we are living in and venting can be needed sometimes. Hopefully just not that type of venting in the future on mic.

  17. As a Patreon sub, I WANT more political talk. As a former Republican, now squarely independent of either side, I loved the LT crew precisely because of their political views that differed from my own and I’ve always taken Henry’s “Republicans are evil” talk in stride because up until 2016, I felt he was describing the horrible ones and not me.

    Well! As a registered white independent voter that voted for Hillary Clinton because it WAS either her or Trump (people who voted for Stein or Johnson… thanks for 2017 so far!), I honestly agree with all of his feelings now.

  18. I thought Trump supporters were anti-censorship and anti-PC and against caring how people feel about what words someone uses? The people that called everyone libtard/cuck/pc/SJW/Snowflake are now the ones pouting and crying any time someone says something they don’t like. They aren’t anti-censorship, they just want to be the ones to decide what gets censored and what is acceptable (based on their political and other world views). You can’t have it both ways.

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